Battle of the sexes rages on


Joe Parillo, Staff Writer


On Friday, Feb. 24, Ann Ciancia and Taneill Davis, two Resident Assistants of North Hall, hosted Battle of the Sexes in North Hall Lounge.

The event was hosted to help those in attendance learn about the LGBTQ community. There were also many different sections of the event to help educate students. This included a scavenger hunt based on facts about different sexual identities. The scavenger hunt was used to make the event more fun and help solidify what those in attendance learned throughout the night. It also identified proper terminology to use in conversation.

Both Ciancia and Davis are Resident Assistants and are Safe Zone certified. They used their training to help educate everyone and welcome an open discussion. They wanted to make sure to have an open and welcome community on campus and learn about the diversity of the campus. Students may identify in different ways and they wanted to make sure people know to have an open mind and understand rather than to judge. They made sure to take what they learned in their training to turn it into an educational event for everyone.

The event had over 25 people in attendance who were willing to learn and foster in a more open and accepting community on campus. Both Ciancia and Davis made sure to emphasize terminology and vocabulary for the event. They hoped that residents would use these terms in a positive sense and to be educated, rather than use these terms in a negative connotation.

They were pleased with the event, overall. They were satisfied that the residents were receptive and willing to learn. The residents in attendance enjoyed the event as well. It was fun and educational for them to learn and be helpers in a welcoming community. They concluded the event with a quiz to see what those in attendance retained. Residents were quizzed on the definitions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and ally. However, that was just a small sample of all the terms they were educated on that night. Ciancia and Davis hope that those in attendance will spread the knowledge they gained that night to really help educate the campus more about diversity on campus.

The event was a great way to remind students that Utica College is an open and welcoming community. The event was planned well before the incident in Bell Hall. However, the timing helped the event remind everyone that UC will not accept or tolerate that kind of behavior.

“The event was a great way to show others about the LGBTQ community,” Ciancia said. “We know it is important to show the diversity of this campus.”