Getting involved


Photo by Joe Parillo

Joe Parillo, Staff Writer


This past Wednesday, the Office of Student Living and College Engagement hosted a three hour first annual involvement fair in Strebel Lounge.

The involvement fair is modeled after the one that is held during the fall semester. It was a new way to get transfer students that were not here in the fall involved right away. The involvement fair was a way to help organizations and clubs get their membership numbers up after some have seen a drop in involvement.

Many organizations considered this event a success as well as an excellent way to promote themselves for a second time during the school year. There were tables for clubs that were not in full function during the fall semester. They were able to get the message out there and hopes for their organization.

A new club at the involvement fair was the Ultimate Frisbee Club. President Bryan Troy was hoping to get members so UC could become competitive and compete against other schools. He was excited about the spring involvement fair because it was a great way to get students involved and meet some of the clubs on campus. The Ultimate Frisbee table was decorated with frisbees, as well as gear to wear during ultimate frisbee. They also had clips of different ultimate frisbee matches from around the world.

Sania Safdar, President of The ASA Gray Biological Society, had the same feelings as many other organizations.

“It is a great way to get more students involved,” Safdar said. “It was a fun way to inform students that have just transferred in about ways to get involved on campus.”

The ASA Gray table used animals and plants to attract students to their table. It was a great way to show students all about what they do. Safdar felt it was successful for them and is excited to welcome their new members.

The fair included many other clubs and organizations. It ranged from fraternities to sororities, music, sports and campus office organizations. All areas of interest were present for student to see what they are about and get past the first step of getting involved on campus.

Bethany VanBenschoten, Assistant Director for College Engagement, was very excited for the event. She felt the clubs in attendance were all able to benefit from the spring involvement fair. It was the first time they ever did this, trying to help organizations and get student involvement numbers at a possible high.

The Office of Student Living and College Engagement hope to hold another spring involvement fair next year. They also hope to improve it next year.

“We could only allow so many clubs and organizations to have a table due to being inside,” VanBenschoten said. “Hopefully we can improve this for the next time.”

The spring involvement fair was considered to be a great success. It also included a table for Endeavor Entertainment, who provided personalized street signs for students who wanted one. It was a successful way to draw students into the fair and start the process of informing them about the clubs and organizations on campus.