Be prepared

UC to host annual jobs, internships fair

Ben Mehic, Managing News Editor


Before graduating in 2012 from Utica College, Sarah Garramone attended a career services event with prospective employers. Without a clear career path, Garramone was nervous. But that didn’t stop her from appearing.

Now, Garramone is a career counselor at UC, helping students on campus with planning their futures. On Wednesday, March 8 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Library Concourse, career services will be hosting a job and internship fair – just as they did when Garramone went to UC.

Upstate Cerebral Palsy, The Arc, Verizon and dozens of others will have representatives at the event.

Garramone, who was a psychology major, attended the annual event, even though she didn’t have any real intentions of pursuing a career or internship at the time.

Still, she felt it was a positive experience because she got out of her comfort zone.

“I remember talking to employers and feeling happy that I went,” Garramon said. “Sometimes, it’s hard to get in contact with people from certain companies. You send emails, try to look for one and it’s difficult to figure out. But this was a good way to make that connection.”

Nowadays, students might not feel as compelled to attend an in-person event since employers are focusing on recruiting online. Garramone still thinks there’s reasons for students to physically present themselves, though.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to connect with employers all in one place,” Garramone said. “I can’t think of any other time where students can be in one location with employers who are waiting to talk to them. Some people might not think it’s useful with networking and LinkedIn, but employers are still recruiting students and want to be there with them.”

Employers are often hesitant to hire students right out of college because they lack experience. Internships can be the difference maker, as they allow students to get a feel for how the professional world operates.

In 2010, Garramone landed her first internship at ADHD & Autism Psychological Services and Advocacy – something that changed the way she looked at professional employment.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” Garramone said. “I thought it was eye-opening to be in a professional environment. You learn a lot about basic professionalism. All of the experiences become transferable to what you end up doing. My internship, just working with other professionals, taught me how to be around numerous personalities.”

Garramone said students can benefit from going to the fair, even if they don’t come out with an internship or job. It gives students the chance to present themselves professionally, collaborate with others and mingle with peers.

“If you’re going to go, go with purpose,” Garramone said. “Be ready. Be prepared.”

Students who do attend are asked to dress professionally and bring copies of their resumes. Attendees are entered to win a $150 Amazon gift card. Free headshots will also be provided.