Getting down to business


Student plans to stay local after graduating

Rylee Meelan, Staff Writer


Steven Calidonna is the third generation at his family’s owned and operated Clinton Tractor & Implement Co. He is currently in his freshman year studying for a degree in business management so he can use what he will learn at Utica College to help his family’s business. He has already been working and helping out at Clinton Tractor since he was young. Calidonna is also an owner of his own lawn care business.

He hopes that his degree will help not only him, but the family’s business.

“I think studying business management is a great idea because it gives me a base on knowledge for my dad’s business,” said Calidonna. “My dad did not go to college and you can really tell because, technology wise, he is a little behind. My going to college was important to him because it opens more doors and there is more to learn about all the things that he doesn’t really understand.”

You can find most of Calidonna’s family working at their business whether it be an Aunt, Uncle, cousin, brother or sister.

“The business is extremely family oriented and that is what differentiates us from other companies. It’s a great environment to work in and we are continuing to expand the business every year. I am learning a lot from just watching my family members interact with their customers and how the overall business is run.”

Calidonna is a commuter and decided to stay close to home so he can work when he is not at school.

“With the expenses of tuition and room and board, I figured I could stay at home to save some money while pursuing my degree. This also gives me a chance to work on expanding my own business and working for my dad at Clinton Tractor.” He is learning to manage his time so he can create a schedule to work two jobs and still pursue his degree in business management.

Although, he isn’t certain yet if he will be working full time at Clinton Tractor or if he will pursue a business of his own. He has his own small business doing lawn care and has been successfully running it for two years now. Working for himself has taught him a lot of great lessons that aren’t always taught inside the walls of a classroom.

“I decided to start my business a couple years ago because it’s good exposure to get my name out in the business world. I am learning how to manage money, learning how to be professional and interact with landowners. These are important aspects that will help me with whatever business I may work for one day.”

He has grown from only a few lawns in his first year to over 20 going into his third year in business. On top of the lawns he cuts each week, he receives calls for gardens, landscaping and other odd jobs.

Although this is only Calidonna’s second semester at Utica College, he has found that the business program here has a lot to offer students. The new Clark City Center is place he enjoys going to. Most of the students that are in the building downtown are studying business and the students can interact and help each other.

“So far I have enjoyed all of my classes. I know that they will truly help me succeed and help me have the best knowledge I need to either create a business or stay within my family’s business.”

A degree in business management will help Calidonna succeed in his life. At such a young age he already has experience with customer service, managing money and many other important aspects. His classes will help him with new ideas for running a business.