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Update on the travel ban

Trump’s executive order put on ice by judicial branch

Jacqui White, Staff Writer


When President Donald Trump signed an executive order, banning travel from seven different countries, there were instant reactions. Many Americans flocked to airports, protesting the ban. Shortly after, federal judges placed holds on the ban, essentially nullifying it temporarily.

The circumstances have left many confused. Is the ban still in effect? Who’s going to be impacted? Utica College Government and Politics Professor Luke Perry explained the confusion.

Perry said the judges and Trump administration were arguing if the executive order complied with law.

“Trump’s side is arguing that the president has broad power regarding national security and immigration,” Perry said.

He also said that the executive order’s opposition argued that the ban allowed for harmful religious discrimination and they were questioning the perceived motivation for placing the ban on the seven countries.

Perry said no matter what the outcome of the appeals court was, the case would most likely end up going to the Supreme Court. He said that if the case did end up going to the Supreme Court, whatever the appeals court decided would stay in place during the months it took for the Supreme Court to decide.

After speaking with Perry, the appeals court made its decision on Feb. 9. The court upheld the block on Trump’s travel ban. The three-judge panel made an unanimous ruling to allow citizens from the seven countries that were mentioned in the ban to continue to enter the United States.

After the ruling, the president tweeted in all caps that he would see the opposition of the travel ban in court again, which probably means that he’ll push for the case to be brought before the Supreme Court. Hillary Clinton also took to Twitter over the decision, tweeting “3-0,” referencing the unanimous decision the appeals court had.

Despite the president’s tweet, his administration said that Trump won’t immediately take the case to the Supreme Court. Instead, the administration said that they might be coming up with a new travel ban.

After the decision was announced, Perry said Trump’s administration would probably wait to bring the case to the Supreme Court. He explained that at least four of the justices would find the executive order illegal, so there would be an even split between the eight. Perry also said that it would make more political sense to order a new order that fits more within his power – an order that wouldn’t apply to current legal residents.

Criminal justice major Carly Tebolt also shared her opinions on the travel ban and how she thinks Trump should deal with the appeals court’s ruling.

“It’s an uncomfortable situation either way,” Tebolt said. “I understand that he’s trying to get rid of terrorism in the United States, but he went about the wrong way.”

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