UC seeks fresh ideas for new campus theme

Joe Parillo, Staff Writer


The Utica College campus is looking for a new theme. The Campus Theme Committee is interested in anyone’s idea for what the theme should be.

If students are interested in raising their voice and giving an idea, you can submit it to utica.edu/campustheme. Whoever creates the winning idea, they will receive a $150 prize. The deadline to submit your idea is Sunday, February 26. If you have any questions you can e-mail, Chair, Ahmed Radwan at [email protected].

The Campus Theme Committee is welcoming different ideas and the campus’s energy. They are eager to support programs as they bring a new understanding of what drives change both now and in the future.

According to the campus theme webpage, it is one of Utica College’s most enjoyable traditions. It is a year-long opportunity for all members of the College community to explore issues of great social importance from a wide variety of viewpoints.  Events sponsored by other campus organizations, offices, or programs may all participate in and be recognized for different activities related to that year’s theme.  The theme committee reviews proposals for theme sponsored events and contributes, to the funding of events that foster the campus theme.

The current theme for campus is Breaking Barriers. “The theme of ‘Breaking Barriers’ is multidimensional.  In life there are constant obstacles that one will encounter and success depends on one’s ability to overcome them.  UC students are encouraged to break down these barriers, allowing them to obtain success and move on to the next challenge in life.   It is important that UC students do not feel as though they cannot overcome these challenges, instead they are encouraged to be the ones that are breaking barriers.  Not only is this theme about individual perseverance and successes but it is also about interaction among our student population, particularly by improving the understanding and communication between people who have different opinions.” – Campus Theme Index

Campus Theme Committee is hopeful they will receive a variety of ideas. UC is filled with many creative minds, that are all capable of creating the next great campus theme.

Hamza AllahDitta, a sophomore at UC, sees the campus theme as a way to better the campus community and focus the campus to help students better themselves.Different themes could have a lot of power to inspire people from different groups to step up and explore different ideas. He also believes we are at a great time to have a powerful and important theme.

“It’s not only a way you can better yourself,” AllahDitta said. “It can help benefit everyone in the campus community.”

With everything that his been going on with the election and inauguration of a new president, the new theme could help educate the college community more about coming together. The theme could help students learn the differences on campus and focus in on learning rather than judging.

Submit your ideas soon because the deadline is quickly approaching. Help UC get a new theme and win some money for yourself.

To suggest a campus theme visit utica.edu/instadvance/marketingcomm/theme