Mike Paramore brings stand up comedy act to Pioneer Pub


Source: laughstvshow.com

Mike Colegrove, Staff Writer


On Feb. 9, comedian Mike Paramore performed at the Pioneer Pub. The show went from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. Paramore’s intention of giving a standup comedy show at UC was to make students laugh and come together for the experience.

Comedians seem to have a special talent in making people smile. The event had a fun environment and kept people engaged. It brought dozens of students together in one area for an hour. Paramore told stories, creating a very welcoming atmosphere.

That type of comedy – the storytelling – is something Paramore enjoys doing.

“My favorite form of comedy is storytelling,” Paramore said. “I love the art and difficultly of trying to let people in on what you experience versus telling you a standard joke and see what the audience got from it.”

Paramore expressed the significance of how storytelling is much safer than an ordinary joke because some people in the audience may take what was meant a joke to a serious offensive slur. He started comedy at 26, noting how difficult it was for him to decide what he wanted to do with his life.

“I didn’t want to do comedy,” he said. “I was kind of peer pressured into doing comedy, I didn’t think I was good at it and then other people thought I was good at it.”

Paramore, despite loving standup comedy, didn’t really seek inspiration from other standup comics.

“I received inspiration from other people believing in me, more than me wanting to be the center of attention.”

That attention, ultimately, isn’t what Paramore seeks when he performs standup comedy.

“My favorite part is hearing how I have affected someone’s life,” he said. “Laughter is very contagious and uplifting so it’s always cool to see somebody who’s been going through some stuff because somebody will walk up to you after a show and say ‘aye man this been a rough week and you made everything better. Not to mention – all the traveling and free shampoo at hotels is nice.”

Paramore came to UC, told a few stories with a twist and made sure to get laughs. Students such as freshman Adam Ziobrowski thoroughly enjoyed themselves, mostly because he loves comedians who tell stories, rather than generic jokes. Ziobrowski believes that is the best type of comedy.

“There wasn’t really one thing I enjoyed about the event,” Ziobrowski said. “As a whole it was great. I loved the stories he told and the humor he put into it. It was very intelligent. “

Ziobrowski, ultimately, got what Paramore was offering – a good time.

“I left in a much better mood than when I came after listening to this comedian tonight,” Ziobrowski said.