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Fresh takes on Valentine’s Day

Maggie Reid, Staff Writer


Whether you’re in a relationship or feeling forever alone, Valentine’s Day is coming up faster than most of us would like to admit. Kyle Green, a sociology professor here at Utica College had some thoughts about Valentines Day.

“On Valentines Day, people feel the need to present themselves. When someone is single, they hide away,” Green said.

“This can have a negative effect because they see images of happy couples, which can cause pressure for someone not in a relationship. The commercials and advertisements always show a man and a woman that are always heteronormative. This marginalizes a group by showing strictly straight romance. They are also generally white, and so by showing that you have to think about what romance are we really advertising.”

Green also stated, “Also, it is a holiday which convinces people to buy things; it has a consumer type image to it. However, you can also say that about every holiday. We tend to make holidays an excuse to buy things, like St. Patrick’s day for an example.”

Green also had a final thought about cupid.

“It’s weird to have a baby represent romance. It’s always a white baby,” he said.

Another student, despite being in a relationship, expressed disdain for the holiday.

“I think it’s stupid,” sophomore Emilee Stevens said. “I’m probably not going to do anything.”

Another student will be spending Valentines Day by celebrating a birthday.

“All I know about Valentines Day is that it’s about cupid and love and you get to show someone how much you care about them,” junior Sarah Renaud said. “I feel like you should do that everyday. It’s also a huge money thing—with flowers and candy and whatnot. It’s going to be my friend’s birthday, so I’m going to visit her in Oswego to celebrate the weekend before. Then my boyfriend and I will exchange gifts also.”

Rebecca Royal doesn’t really care much for the holiday. “I don’t really care about it,” Royal said.

“It’s cool, I guess if you’re in a relationship because you get chocolate. This Valentine’s day I’m not going to be doing anything exciting. I’m probably going to be working.”

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