Meet George Archunida


Photo by: Chantelle Boateng

Chantelle Boateng, Staff Writer

Although Utica College is a small campus, everywhere you look there is always a student making a difference, to better the college atmosphere.

George Archunida is a senior here at Utica College and is majoring in Heath studies to pursue his goals of one day working in the healthcare field.

A Westchester native, Archunida is currently resides in Patterson, NY  with his mom, grandpa and sister. Although his parents are divorced, Archunida makes sure to visit his dad whenever he is home from school.

“A big reason I wanted to get into that was that I always had a passion for health care and wanted to make a difference in a public health way, which Utica was able to give me the opportunity,” Archunida said.

When he is on campus, Archunida is among the many familiar faces seen on campus and is involved in multiple organizations. He is the president of the Resident Hall Association, the president of the Gay-Straight Alliance, as well as the Rush Chair for Alpha Phi Omega and the Secretary of Student Senate.

With the many changes taking place on campus, Archunida does not consider himself as someone making some of these major changes.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve  made too many significant changes on campus but being a part of the organizations I am I have been able to be on the team with some amazing people to make changes,” Archunida said. “I was on e-board for GSA when we brought a professional drag queen to our campus drag show last year, we also started something called  Open the Door with GSA.”

Open the Door gives students a chance to open up about any personal issue that might be bothering them without feeling pressured.

When he isn’t busy upholding the responsibilities of making sure the organizations in which he leads runs smoothly, Archunida has multiple ways in which he likes to spend his spare time.

“On my free time, I am a drag queen. I also like doing makeup and hair,” Archunida said. “In addition to that, I am really into dancing and hanging out with friends.”

Archunida says his accomplishments on the UC campus stem from the inspiration given by his older cousin, Diana.

“My older cousin Diana has had a lot of hardships in her life, she lost her parents very young, but she did not let it hold her back in life. She has worked really hard to make her life as amazing as possible to do better for herself and others.”

As a senior with multiple achievements on the UC campus, Archunida plans to work at a college as a higher level education with student involvement. He strives for his goals and aspirations through his involvement on campus as a resident assistant and as student ambassador.