Strebel lounge transformed into ice skating rink


Elijah Belle, Staff Writer

As we have officially entered the middle of the winter season at Utica College, the weather has been somewhat disappointing for snow lovers. Once again, UC did not let its students down by holding an indoor skating rink in Strebel Lounge on Jan 24. The event not only caught the attention of those on campus, but also brought out visitors. The event gave off a vibe of excitement and thrill as many came out to watch and participate.

Ironically, when the event began, it started to snow. Sophomore resident assistant Cindy Borgen thinks it brought life to the event

“Them (snow lovers) seeing the snow, I think brought more life to the event,” Borgen said.

After speaking with multiple participants, there was not one complaint about the event. Although a lot of people came out for the event, the wait was not a significant amount of time to bore those away who were waiting in line.

The defining moment for those who participated in the event was after they put on the blades and stepped on the rink.

“The thrill of actually skating almost seemed real once you were moving,” sophomore Victoria Singh said.

As for any skating activity, there is the possibility of embarrassment. It seemed that all the participants who were not too familiar with skating were cautious. A lot of UC students agreed on one thing: “do not fall.” It is safe to say that while being cautious, you can still enjoy yourself.

Students, like Keanu Heedrum, enjoyed themselves at the event and would like to see it continued.

“It would be cool to see if UC makes this event yearly, or if they decide to actually take students to a skating rink,” Heedrum said.