What to do in the U

Events offered at UC help keep winter blues at bay

Chantelle Boateng, Staff Writer

Utica, New York is known for its harsh winter weather. On the Utica College campus, there are always events hosted for students to help get through the winter. These events are organized by the Residence Life Office or the Office of Student Activities.

There are multiple events hosted each week here at UC. A few of these events include karaoke in the Pioneer café or making bath bombs in Strebel Lounge. Although it is frigid outside, there are events planned that involve students being outside. Students are encouraged to build a snowperson on campus and post the picture on Twitter to win a $25 declining balance.

“The biggest traditional event we plan comes from UCPB; we call it Snow Daze. It’s a  week of activities planned early in the spring semester to welcome the students back and get them excited about winter,” the Assistant Director of Student Activities Bethany VanBenschoten said.

“This year, we planned things like indoor ice skating and coffee mug crafts to get the feel of winter, but not the cold. The other events are karaoke, hypnosis, a game show and a dance party to keep students happy and get them having fun with other people” VanBenschoten said.

“We also plan trivia nights, bingo nights, other games and some musicians and comedians to keep students having fun inside even though it’s not so fun outside. Traditionally, the RHA also plans the Crystal Ball, which is a formal dance for UC students.”

Students don’t always have to leave the resident halls to have an excellent time.

“We will be doing the traditional winter events such as hot cocoa bar, yummy foods and other activities along the line of that as well,” the Assistant Director of Residence Life Derek Poley said. “ We of course always encourage students to get outside and play in the snow as well. As Juvenal as it sounds, it’s a ton of fun and a huge stress reliever.”

There are different steps that students can take to get the activities they want on the UC Campus. “ The Office of Residence life is always open to ideas as well. If students want to do something, they can contact their resident assistant or area coordinator and pitch those ideas; all ideas are great ideas,” Assistant Director of Residence life Derek Poley said.

The UC campus is one that accommodates to the needs of its students, regarding winter activities when the weather is not so great.