Star Wars Rogue One rakes it in at box office


Erik Lyndaker, Staff Writer

While we were all away on winter break, many great movies made their debut in movie theatres and many were wildly successful. The biggest of all movies that were released over break was Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Rogue One has grossed $501,898,446, as of January 19, since its release on December 16. The newest link in the Star Wars saga led the box office for all of December ahead of Sing, Passengers, La La Land, Hidden Figures and the rest of the movies released in December.

“I couldn’t get enough of Rogue One the first time, and so I went and watched it for a second time,” said Greg Shinn, a Utica College student.

Another popular movie amongst students was the animated hit movie, Sing. Sing trailed behind Rogue One in the box office throughout December and appealed to not just young kids, but to everyone, as do most animated movies released now.

UC student Damon Beaver said he enjoyed Sing more than most.

“I took my little brother to watch Sing just as a reason for me to go watch it,” Beaver said. “I think I laughed more than he did actually!”

Not all students benefitted from seeing good movies over break. Although there were plenty of great movies released this holiday season, there is always going to be the movies that seem to be a waste of time and money to go see.

UC Nursing major, Mike Sciara, admits to attending movie theatres on a regular basis and has paid to watch a handful of awful movies, he said. Sciara went to watch the horror movie, The Bye Bye Man, and claimed it was one of the worst movies he has ever seen.

“This is me even comparing it to movies I have paid to watch and movies I just watch at home,” Sciara said.

Sciara wasn’t alone in thinking this was one of the worst movies he has ever seen because plenty of others agree with him. IMDB rates The Bye Bye Man with a rarely seen low number of 3.8 out of 10.