Faculty Profile: Jason Powles


Source: www.wktv.com

Briana Greco, Assistant Features Editor

Jason Powles is an adjunct professor of journalism at Utica College and anchors the morning and noon news for a local television station WKTV here in Utica.

Powles is originally from Rotterdam, New York and attended The College of Saint Rose in Albany where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Communications in 1992.

Powles always had a passion for television and chose to focus on sports during his internship at WNYT in Albany, New York. He expressed that during his time there, he made an effort to learn all aspects of the newsroom.

When asked what advice he has for individuals interested in the field of journalism, he stated, “I recommend you not limit yourself. Learn all you can about the business.”

During his career as a sportscaster, Powles has covered NCAA football and basketball, as well as high school sports. He has also covered major events such as the World Series, bowl games and the NCAA tournament.

After being in the field for a few years, Powles joined the WKTV team in 1996 to cover sports. He anchored sports for the news station for 16 years, and has been with the company for 19 years now.

Powles currently hosts News Channel 2’s Daybreak, Sunrise and Noon news. Just when you think his day ends there, think again. Powles is also an adjunct professor of Journalism at UC.

Powles expressed that he has known Professor David Chanatry, department chair for the Public Relations and Journalism Department, for years.

“When I made the switch from sports anchor to news anchor, my schedule made it possible to join his team and pass along my 20 years of experience,” Powles said.

Powles’ passion for Journalism and sports has shown through his years of work at WKTV and in the Utica area. He stated, “I enjoy the newness of each day. There is always a new story to cover. Some good, some not, but each day is a clean slate.”

Aside from his love for journalism, Powles does enjoy attending sporting events, and also has a passion for music. He expressed how he helps his wife with her elementary school musical each year. Staying local has also caused Powles to enjoy more time with his family while having a career he loves at the same time.

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