ARC students visit The Tangerine

High schoolers tour newsroom, broadcast studio

James McClendon, Editor-In-Chief


On Wednesday Nov 2, students from the ARC of Oneida-Lewis County’s School to Work program saw the Tangerine staff in action as editors put together this week’s issue. These students are part of a program that teaches them how to transition from high school to the real world.

This program, which has been serving students for more than five years, focuses on teaching life skills geared toward young adults. They learn about time management, household chores and how to interview for a job.

School to Work coordinator Tara Healey said they spend Monday through Friday with mentors from the UC occupational therapy program. On Wednesdays they are given free reign to explore the school and learn about different programs around campus.

Members of the program began Wednesday’s visit with a tour of the newsroom and they also got a chance to check out the Lyn Heywood Simon Broadcast Studio.

Ryan Sewall is a member of the program and an avid reader of the Tangerine. He had many questions about the process of publishing the paper and reads the Tangerine “cover to cover each time it comes out,” Healey said.

Sewall was impressed with last week’s Tangerine presidential poll and expressed interest in pursuing journalism as a career.