A diverse city; a diverse college


Briana Greco, Assistant Features Editor

The Diversity Committee is an organization on the Utica College campus that brings students and faculty together to raise awareness on diversity and creates a welcoming environment for all members of the UC community.

According to the committee, UC is home to students from 46 states and 35 different countries.

The organization’s structure involves having different subcommittees, with a mix of students and faculty, to focus on certain aspects of the club as a whole. For example, a few subcommittees’ individuals can be a part of is the Communications Committee, the General Programing Committee and the SafeZone Project Committee.

The Diversity Committee hosts several events on the UC campus, as well as helps other organizations with their events. There is also a monthly newsletter, called The Mosaic, that is distributed on campus to keep students and faculty up to date with the Diversity Committee’s upcoming events, news and general information about the organization.

Communications Committee leader Samantha O’Neil stated that along with helping other organizations with their events The Diversity Committee holds the “Diversity Hour” series with weekly Pio Talks held in the Pioneer Café every Thursday.

On Thursday Oct. 20 the Diversity Committee held a meet and greet in Strebel Student Lounge where active members of the organizations mingled with students who were interested in what the Diversity Committee is all about.

Alane Varga, Dean for Diversity and Student Development, stated, “This event is a way for everyone to gather together, meet each other and learn about the Diversity Committee.”

“I am greatly interested in diversity, and feel as if there is a lot of hate in this world and feel like clubs such as this one can help people learn to be more accepting,” freshman Jessica Bates said.

The Diversity Committee’s theme for the year is “Champion for Change” in relation to the movie Freedom Writers. Members of the committee are hoping with this theme, faculty and students can express themselves in a safe environment about diverse current issues and a place to exchange ideas and stories dealing with diversity.

On Nov. 9 the Diversity Committee is holding a panel discussion about International Refugee Crises and Human Rights in Strebel Auditorium at 6:30.

The Diversity Committee even has its own website where students and faculty can go to find out more information. Halina Lotyczewski stated “the website is a really good place to go to find out what we are all about, upcoming events and committee meeting times.”

The Diversity Committee is a growing organization that is always enthusiastic about new members. Living in the city of Utica, and being a part of the UC community allows individuals to have experiences and gain knowledge from many different ethnic backgrounds and cultures. The Diversity Committee is providing an outlet to learn even more about these topics and have a great time doing it!