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Those mid-semester feels

Joya Pavia, Staff Writer

Once October hits, it is about that time for midterms, paper deadlines and presentations. Many students begin to feel overwhelmed and stressed. During this time, some students start to lose motivation and fall into the “mid-semester slump.”

Andrea Sherman, a junior health studies management major, has had three midterms and has been a little on edge this semester. When asked what she has done to stay on track she said, “I keep a to-do list with me at all times, so that helps with getting everything done on time. I also, when I can, work ahead.” Although Sherman is having a good semester, she is looking forward to it coming to an end and having some downtime during winter break.

It is beneficial for students to take time for themselves during midterms, however, time management is the key to success.

Deena Martynovich, a senior health studies management major, has a loaded schedule consisting of 21 credits and six midterms. Her key factors to being successful in her courses are reading the material and not missing class. Martynovich prints out notes for each class then determines the key details. After, she prepares a more concise study guide for each course. It has been a difficult and stressful semester for Martynovich thus far, but she is happy midterms are over.

“I can personally say that every one of my professors have been extremely helpful in every course by providing the class with appropriate material and notes to help us succeed,” said Martynovich who is looking forward to graduating in December.

If students are feeling stress, overwhelmed, not understanding material or feeling behind in their courses, it could be beneficial to take advantage of the services offered at Utica College. UC provides tutoring services free of charge for all undergraduate students. Tutoring is organized through the Office of Opportunity Programs. Students can fill out tutor request forms on the UC website.

There is also the tutor table located on the first floor of the library which is staffed Sunday to Friday for walk-up tutoring. The writing center is available to students as well as the Math and Science Center located in the learning commons of the library with no appointment necessary. There is also an easy-to-use online tutoring service for students called Smarthinking. It offers tutoring in various subjects and a few subjects are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These services may be valuable to a student’s success, especially during the mid-semester.

Kevin Valenti, a junior business management major, has had three midterms so far this semester. Valenti’s semester is beginning to become more difficult due to the start of hockey season.

“I basically devote three to four hours of my day to hockey during the season and two days a week we have to wake up for practice at six in the morning, so I am often tired,” said Valenti.

However, Valenti tries to keep a routine that helps him accomplish his work and plan his day ahead of time. When asked how he has prepared for his midterms he said, “I try to study for an hour or two a day by reviewing old homework and skimming my textbooks.”

When faced with the mid-semester slump it is crucial to reevaluate priorities. Some tips for student’s success during midterms are: prioritizing work, rewarding themselves, forming a study group, getting enough sleep, asking for help when needed, relaxing and of course time management.

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