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Trick or Treat yo’self


Maggie Reid, Staff Writer

Fall. Everything is somehow pumpkin spice flavored and somewhere deep in your newsfeed is a picture of a couple apple picking with the caption, “I’m glad I picked you.” Now that it’s October, the leaves and weather are not the only thing that are changing. Pretty soon, on Oct. 31, most Utica College students will be too.

Halloween is the chance to express yourself by dressing up as anyone or anything you want. As a child, it was the one day where it was acceptable to take candy from strangers. Dressing up and enjoying all of the fall activities that come with Halloween is something you can enjoy no matter how old you get, unlike trick or treating unfortunately.

“I like doing Halloween themed things, like carving pumpkins and going to haunted houses,” sophomore Malik Little said.

“I like being able to dress up with all of my friends, and doing things like hay rides and corn mazes.” sophomore Brandon Eagle said.

Some student’s favorite part of Halloween was not only the candy and dressing up.

“My favorite part is eating candy and seeing what everyone else dresses up as,” junior Julianne Gagnon said.

“Besides the obvious, I like decorating my house for Halloween with gravestones and cobwebs. I also like watching scary movies while wrapped in a ton of blankets, because the rush of adrenaline makes me feel alive,” sophomore Courtney Dudzinski said.

“To be honest, around this time of the semester, I’m sort of dead on the inside. It’s all because I procrastinate my work and watch Netflix instead, and then hate myself for it.”

Most college students are on a budget and try to save money any way they can, and Halloween is no exception.

“I’m being Daenerys Targaryen from the show “Game of Thrones” because it is easy to do. I have this dress at home that I am going to use and I am going to buy a blonde wig,” Gagnon said.

“I’m being Jay Garrick, the flash,” senior Jason Ortiz said. “All I need is a red shirt and a hat. It’s pretty easy.”

“I’m being an angel and my friend is going to be the devil,” Dudzinski said.

“It’s pretty easy to do, all I needed to get was a halo and angel wings because I have a white dress I can use.”

Halloween will be here faster than the time it took the leaves to change color and fall off the trees. Be sure to carve those pumpkins, hoard all the candy you can and to visit those haunted houses. Before you know it, it will be November and Halloween will just be a distant memory.

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