Tobias Neto, Staff Writer

Flu season is upon us and more people on campus are getting sick. Luckily, the health center on campus is more than helpful when it comes to treating sick students.

The Student Wellness Center educates students on a variety of topics to stay well. The office educates students by sharing information on topics such as the common cold, flu and immunizations to sexually transmitted diseases. The counseling office, located in the same vicinity, provides education on ways to reduce stress from depression, anxiety, substance abuse and relationship problems.

Each year, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provide information to healthcare providers about the upcoming flu season. In preparation of the flu season, the health office offers free flu shots to students who wish to protect themselves from contracting the flu. Their goal is to reach as many students in the community by setting up flu clinics and one-on-one appointments after the main flu clinics.

Some students like to use their own unique remedies to help with symptoms of the flu. UC junior, Mikal Saxon, has his own way to tackle the flu.

“I simply drink tea and go to sleep. For me this works. I can’t speak for everyone.”

UC senior, Jerry Bolivar, has a different approach to the flu.

“First, I drink tea. Then for sore throats, I mix honey, a shot of some dark liquor mixed with some juice. Then I put Vicks on my chest and nose so I can breathe.”

UC sophomore, Bryan Troy, says, “I normally use vitamins, drink lots of orange juice, apple juice and water. For medicine, I usually use Nyquil, Musinex, or Claritin.”

The common theme here is that drinking tea helps the symptoms when consumed while sick. Everyone has their own way to feel better, but consuming liquids and taking medicine seems to help out a lot.

If you haven’t received a flu shot, vaccines are still available. Call or stop by the Health Center to schedule an appointment.