Students offer fashion ideas

Students offer fashion ideas

Tionna De Freitas, Features Editor

In the middle of fall, there are two glorious weeks where the weather couldn’t be better and you’re equally comfortable sipping on a warm coffee, as well as the alternative cold beverage for others. During that brief period of time, you can’t control your excitement because you can finally pull out your brand new fall clothes you bought fresh off the rack.

Unfortunately, that excitement dies out along with the colorful leaves you snap a picture of to post on Instagram next to your new booties, when you then have to pack them up and trade them for those ugly, discolored snow boots.

When it comes to fall and having the biggest trends, look no further than your local boutiques, shopping malls and outlets for affordable trendy fashion.

“My go to item’s definitely have to be anything involving layers,” said Carli Halliday. “I’ve been seeing a lot of people on campus and even in public, pairing sweater dresses with flannels or vests, and bomber jackets paired with heavy sweaters. It’s a big trend for fall, being very simple, yet cute.”

Halliday, who is also an employee at Francesca’s clothing store in the Sangertown Square Mall, which recently opened its doors, said she loves the fact the store offers student discounts.

“We give everyone ten percent off if you have a valid student ID and we also give the same discount to people who work at the mall. It’s a crucial time for students to be saving money during this time of year, so we’re also thinking of having a college weekend where everything is 25 percent off. Once that is confirmed there will be fliers posted on our social media accounts and on campus as well,” said Halliday.

“We only have about six of each item in every size, so once it’s sold out, it’s sold,” said Halliday. “This way you’re not always stuck wearing the same items as everyone else and always unique.”

Junior Alexandra DeMarco said she loves dressing for fall because it expresses her personality and image a lot more.

“Dressing for fall is a lot different than dressing for summer or winter. Everything is so much cuter and there are so many more ways to pair the same item,” said DeMarco.

For DeMarco she has her go to stores that offer the best discounts and trendy styles.

I love going to Forever21, Charloutte Russe and H&M on a good day to shop for fall clothing,” DeMarco said. “I usually look for my must haves, which include scarves that go with any outfit to make it pop and booties. I absolutely adore booties because you can pair them with any outfit. Even though they don’t offer student discounts, you can always download the application Retail Me Not and find a bunch there she exclaims.”