Be well

Becky Vennero, Staff Writer

College is a demanding time with the struggle between workload, social lives and a private schedule. Regular exercise and improvement of diet can help to boost your mood and reduce stress.

“I don’t think it is hard to find time for fitness because there are 24 hours in a day. Not being able to find time is just an excuse,” said freshman Jarrod Fitzpatrick.

Senior Emily Coope agrees with Fitzpatrick. “The time most of us spend sitting on our phones or on social media, is the time that we could be spending exercising. It’s all about priorities and making time for things that matter,” Coope stated.

Eating becomes a challenge for many college students due to the options offered, convenience and financial restrictions.

“I’m always on the go or running late and it’s really easy to fall back on junk food or fast food because it’s convenient,” said senior Morgan Manfredo. “Eating healthy these days can be expensive too, and college students might not want to spend more money on food that they can get cheaper elsewhere.”

Coope believes it’s all about priorities and finding time to prepare meals ahead of time to have throughout the week. “You have to have balance. That’s the key.”

The benefits of exercise extend beyond physical appearance and weight loss. Research proves physical activity can protect individuals from the following health problems:

Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Back Pain ,Stress Management, Stroke and Osteoporosis.

“Health and fitness is so important to me because I want to live a long healthy life. I want to be able to do things I can do now, when I’m older. I also want to have just as much energy as I do now for as long as I can,” said Manfredo.

“Fitness provides me with new challenges every day. The challenge of waking up each day and wanting to be better. The challenge of fueling my body with quality food that makes me feel good. It is something that I can work at for the rest of my life,” said Cooper.

The Utica area offers an abundant amount of gyms, fitness programs, and healthy eateries options for all ages.

“You will see me at CrossFit Utica doing what is known as a ‘metcon’ (metabolic conditioning),” stated Coope, who is a level 1 CrossFit trainer at the gym located in Yorkville. “I am sometimes lifting at the Utica College dome as well; it’s never crowded.”

Manfredo turns to yoga at InBloom Yoga or Body By Design, both located in New Hartford, to unwind and calm down after a hectic day of school and work. “It makes me sweat and work my body in ways that I didn’t know how before.”

The Fitness Mill, Planet Fitness, Retro Fitness, Studio 55, CrossFit, InBloom Yoga, and OB Training are among a few of the various workout businesses within a ten mile radius of Utica College.