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The gamble on Draft Kings

Jeffrey Pittman, Staff Writer

For many years, gambling on sports has been viewed as illegal and outlawed in many states. In 2012, the creation of Draft Kings arose and a new view towards gambling on sports was innovated.

Draft Kings is high-level sports fantasy software that fuses sports with gambling. Over the years states have tried to ban Draft Kings because the idea of gambling on sports was still incorporated. Now legal in twelve states, Draft Kings is expanding and educating its consumers on a game of “skill” in fantasy sports.

In contrast, although many people believe the fantasy sport aspect is captivating. Gambling behind the scenes is what draws attention to the slight corruptions in the company.

Draft Kings allows a user to enter competition pools either for free or with price admission depending on desired spending rate. After the user then selects what sport he/she is going to play in, the consumer has a fantasy salary cap of fifty thousand dollars to spend on assembling a fantasy team.

When speaking to student at Utica College about Draft Kings, many already had formed opinions on the service and overall quality of the company since fantasy sports is becoming so popular. Some students liked the idea of being able to gamble on sports and only having to spend a couple of dollars. While other voiced their opinion on the corrupted financial system involved in Draft Kings.

“Although fantasy gambling is fun and interesting to do, the odds of winning became slim… the owners began winning more fantasy pools and I felt it was corrupted,” said UC student Jordan Seany.

Senay’s opinion is a common theme amongst customers of Draft Kings. The idea that the company was able to generate statistics on what players to choose floated around the company and upset many consumers.

“The concept of being able to choose a team and enter a game for a dollar and possibly win thousands was what attracted me the most,” said UC student Chris Marks. “Yet, after a while, I felt that I would never win.”

Like most Draft King customers, Marks is another victim of a greatly advertised concept in sports gambling. Most individuals don’t win much money; in fact there is more of a chance of losing then winning unless you get that one lucky day like Utica College student Frankie Galletta.

“I love Draft Kings, I won six hundred dollars on a three dollar game… sometimes you never know what can happen,” said Galletta

The fear of the unknown is what makes most consumers who gamble so addicted to the game. Although the financial system could be flawed, the expansion of Draft Kings continues to spread and draw controversy state to state.

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