Social Media in 2016

Justin Cortes, Staff Writer

Ever since the dawn of the first computer, man has always wanted to better their ability to interact with one another. Throughout the generations, many websites and apps have come to bring people together. The first ever website that came out for social media was where people could submit a profile photo and make from others who have signed up on the website as well. But now time, people and technology are changing.

With the development of mobile devices, came apps, which would serve many different functions. For instance, Instagram, which is an app generated where you can share moments in either photo or video form, have people follow you and like or comment on what you post.

The most common apps to date are Snapchat, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Vine, Fuse and Whatsapp. These are currently the most used apps across the globe. Snapchat allows you to send small five to ten second videos or photos that delete themselves after being viewed. The app also lets you know if and when someone has screenshot your images.

Another set of apps used today would be the combination of the Facebook app and the Facebook Messenger app that allows you to link with any of your friends who have Facebook as well.

When asked, a majority of the student body made it quite clear that their favorite app to use is Instagram, which is an app used by a majority of people within the age brackets of 18 to 35 years of age.

Junior, Anthony DeSimone, stated, “Instagram is my favorite app because it’s both good and bad for today’s generations. The reason being that it connects people to each other by each of them sharing the moments where others could not be at whether it be local or oceans away, but it also generates a disconnect. People who think they have nothing, look at moments of other people who they think are living better than they are which is followed by the rolling emotions of depression. Weirdly enough, the paradox about Instagram is that the rolling depression can develop into motivation, a spark of genius, a start to peace, love and even a family.”