Wake the hell up!


Justin Cortes, Staff Writer

Established in 2002, Utica Coffee Roasting has become a caffeinated sensation in the greater Utica area.

The business itself started in a little brick building located on 92 Genesee St. But with the commitment to bringing the best quality coffee from all around the world, their name has become well-known not only in downtown Utica and Clinton, but also on the Utica College campus.

This past summer, UC reached a contract with Utica Roasting in the sale of their products on campus in the Common Grounds, which is located in the Gannett Library. Some of the students’ favorites are the red velvet and vanilla frappes.

“Even though I have never tried any of the Utica Roasting products, I hear good things about the frappes from all of the students who purchase it,” nursing major Thalia Guerrez said.

“The coffee provided by Utica Coffee Roasting tastes so good. It makes me feel very cozy, like how I feel in winter. It also reminds me of Christmas, so the coffee reminds me of coziness,” said Student Opportunities coordinator Kimberly Etman.

The addition of new things on the menu has resulted into the demise of others.

Some UC students are unhappy that some products were taken off the menu.

In the end, variety seems to be the key for most successful businesses. Ultimately, students will have to accept the changes and learn to love the new products that are being made available by a local business. After all, the only way to support local businesses is to purchase local products.