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Dean Norrie Exits UC

Rashida Patrick, Co-Editor-In-Chief

On Apr. 15, Provost John Johnsen announced in an email to faculty and staff that James Norrie, dean of the school of business and justice studies will be leaving Utica College. Dean Norrie will officially leave the college on August 1, 2016 and will join York College as Dean of the Graham School of Business.

In the email sent out to faculty and staff, Johnsen said, “I have personally enjoyed working with Dean Norrie, and am thrilled by things he has been able to accomplish.”

Norrie was the first externally appointed dean to hold a permanent position at UC, and the first for the school of business and justice studies. Norrie said he always knew he wanted to be a part of UC’s community.

He said that he has always felt a personal fit with the school from the beginning.

“I always felt like I understood both parts of this school…it’s an unusual construction to have cybersecurity, technology, and business altogether so that was kind of neat,” Norrie said.

During his time here, Dean Norrie has helped develop the blended MBA program, new programs such as sports management, and has even helped in the hiring process of some of UC’s newest professors.

Norrie said he is especially proud of the growth in UC’s cyber program.

“We have been getting more growth than other programs which is outstanding,” Norrie said. “ It shows the quality of our faculty and our curriculum and our approach to cyber is working.”

Johnsen said as the college starts their search for an interim dean and permanent dean for the school of business and justice studies, they hope to find someone that can keep the momentum going that Dean Norrie started.

“We are going to be looking for someone who gives evidence of having some vision, energy, and an entrepreneurial spirit,” Johnsen said. “Particularly given the fact that among the many positive qualities that Dean Norrie brought to the position was very much a sense of energy, a sense of drive, a sense of fun and we want to make sure that we don’t lose that momentum.”

Before his final goodbye to UC, Norrie will continue to work closely with Johnsen, other deans at the school, and the new prospective interim dean. During the rest of his time here, Norrie will focus on prioritizing things that should be done within the next year.

“We have put in front of leadership and our advisory board a strategic plan for the school that runs from now until 2019, and I am really hoping that the school will see the value in staying that course,” Norrie said. “That strategic plan was well thought out and is grounded in growth and programs that students want.”

Johnsen said he is especially proud of the things Norrie has accomplished during his time at UC.

“Beginning in the fall we are going to have this new CMM major which is really exciting, and I would say more than any other person Dean Norrie was really responsible for us developing in that director,” Johnsen said.

Norrie said that it was the warmth of the people that attracted him to UC and it is the warmth of the people that he will miss.

“I say all of the time that I am only interested in a job that I can do great work with great people, and we have done some great work with some great people here,” Norrie said.

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