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Registering For Classes

Tionna De Freitas, Staff Writer

Let’s face it- registering for classes can mean a bunch of things. From unnecessary stress to realizing you are moving up the ladder and your undergraduate studies are coming to an end, it may be simple for some, but for others, the struggle is too real.

Students come across all types of problems when registering for classes, such as registering for classes that they don’t need, trying to register for a class that is completely full, not being able to take a class because a pre-requisite is needed, or everyone’s favorite- the coinciding class. When registering, students are required to meet with their personal advisor and they will assist them in choosing which classes they need and which classes work best with their schedules. Some advisors will walk you through making your schedule and pick out classes for you, while others will say ‘you’re on your own, good luck.’

Freshman Malissa Maine, whose major is undecided, has just that problem.

“When registering for classes I was still slightly unsure of who to contact. After asking around and finally meeting up with my advisor and talking about a few classes to take for a major I thought I would be interested in, I thought I was all set,” Maine said. “As soon as I got back to my room and went to register for classes, I realized that the classes that I was suggested to register for were not available to me, due to the need of taking pre requisite courses beforehand. I was very stressed out because I didn’t even know what classes they were talking about. After searching around for classes that I thought would be helpful or interesting, I finally found enough classes for next semester. I just wish that I would have known I couldn’t sign up for these classes before leaving my counselor’s office.”

Students say getting into core classes is simple, but getting into major-related courses like biology, psychology, or any social sciences can be tricky.

“Students are issued a special registration time ticket that has nothing to do with the registrar office,” said Kristen Holt, the Assistant to the Registrar. “Learning services, athletes and honors get to register a week before open registration to the campus.”

Jennifer Melvin, the registrar’s intern, doesn’t think it’s fair that athletes get to register first.

“I understand why athletes get to register first because they have to accommodate practices and game schedules, but it’s frustrating when I see a lot of students in competitive programs like the PT program, nursing or the OT program who were unable to get into classes when they, too, should be able to register first along with athletes,” Melvin said.

Holt cautioned students not to be angry with the registrar’s office, who strictly takes care of matters concerning ground students who want to take online courses. In this scenario, the office requires permission from the dean.

“If a class is full, or if a student gets locked out of classes that is because it’s a closed course and you need instructor permission. It has nothing to do with the registrar office,” Holt said. “Usually their best bet is to reach out to the instructor and they need to do the override.”

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