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Students Anticipate Summer

Shane Kelly, Staff Writer 

With less than a moth left in the semester, many students have one thing on their mind- summer vacation.

Nice weather, free time and relaxation are a good break from the usual grind of school work.

Summer is a good opportunity to try new things. Many times students are anxiously anticipating summer, but then by the end, find themselves bored wanting to go back to school. Summer can be a good time to give something you have never done before a try.

There are many hobbies people can do that would be beneficial even after summer ends.

Cooking may be a good hobby to include during your summer free time. If you already know how to cook, you may be able to fish for new recipes or experiment with one on your own. Others who don’t know how to cook can start to learn. This is a skill that can be extremely useful to people living off campus. Off-campus students have the option of whether or not they would like a school meal plan. If they opt to go the cheaper route and cook their own food, knowing how to cook can be very useful.

Another hobby that students could do in the summer is go to a gym or start to workout. Not only is this healthy, it is also something you can do when school starts back up.

One thing people do is travel or go on vacation. This can be a great way to get out and not get bored with all the time you have. Sometimes all the traveling and exploring new places can get expensive. If that’s the case, explore in your hometown. Try and find new places to go that you have never been before, you never know what you’ll find that been right around the corner.

After the stress of a full school year, many students are ready to relax and others are anxious to use the free time to work.

“I look forward to going to the beach and relaxing, enjoying the nice weather,” said sophomore Matt McKeon. “I work and study really hard to get the best grades I can during the school year, so I look forward to the summer because it is the one time where I really can just enjoy myself and not have as many responsibilities as during the school year.”

Summer can be a time to relax like McKeon does. Others are anxious to use the free time to pick up more hours at work and make as much money as they can.

“I use the summer time to work as much as I can,” said sophomore Savanna Wemette. “I work at Dunkin Donuts when I am home from school. No matter what time of the year it is, Dunkin is always busy. People are always in the mood for a morning coffee, even in the summer time.”

Many students are anxious for summer to arrive, and with just a few weeks left, it will be here

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