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Government & Politics Major Profile

Alyssa Camardo, Staff Writer

If you are a critical thinker and thoroughly interested in all aspects of government and political issues, the Bachelor of Arts Program in government and politics at Utica College is definitely for you.

“Politics is involved in every social situation. People have different thoughts, interests, and want different things,” Utica College Government and Politics professor, Dr. Luke Perry, said. “The more you understand how people are pursuing their interests, and trying to exercise power, the better you will be at getting what you want. Consequently, studying politics provides beneficial skills that are widely applicable to your day-to-day life.”

Through classroom learning, research and real world experiences, the government and politics program will prepare students with necessary skills to be successful in the field.

“We have accomplished and engaged professors who have lived around the world and teach engaging and interactive classes on various aspects of domestic and international politics,” Perry said.

The major is designed to prepare students for what they will take on in the real world. The accomplished government and politics faculty helps students take their political knowledge to a new level by teaching government service, law and other aspects, which require a thorough knowledge of governmental policies and procedures.

Foundational coursework is mandatory to complete the government and politics program at UC. Students can pick between electives that cover a variety of topics including but not limited to, American government, foreign policy, human rights advocacy, European politics and more. The program offers options for foreign studies and internship experiences, as well. According to Perry, government students are currently interning locally, at the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office, nationally at the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Peace Corps and even internationally in Italy.

“Learning in our program transcends the classroom,” said Perry. “Students get extensive individual attention and mentoring, including opportunities for undergraduate research, internships, and extracurricular activities.”

The government and politics department manages five active student groups: The Sherman Society, Pi Sigma Alpha, Model United Nations Club, Pre-Law Program and Amnesty International.

Several students in the government major spoke positively about UC’s program.

“People dread taking a single government course as a requirement, but I’m glad I chose to major in Government and Politics because it takes far more than one single class to understand or gain the necessary knowledge to be an active citizen in society,” government student, Mary Morgan Marafino, said. “Especially with such a crucial election unfolding in our nation’s history right now, I think it’s been so important to be able to develop my own political views while acknowledging and understanding those of my peers, professors, as well as the leaders and figures who have created and altered the ideas that continue to shape the future of our society every day.”

Anthony Sokolowski said UC’s government and politics’ professors well prepare their students for when they go further in this major.

“The government program benefitted me by challenging me to understand and form ideas on concepts that I never thought possible. The professors demand a certain level of performance that makes you work to a level of intelligence that you never thought was attainable for yourself,” said Anthony Sokolowski.

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