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A.I.M hosts horror story extravaganza

Juwan Wilson, staff writer 

It’s almost that time again ladies and gentlemen! Extravaganza weekend is approaching, as A.I.M will be hosting their Horror Story Extravaganza starting at 4 p.m. at the Strebel Auditorium on Saturday, April 23rd. The event will include live DJs, is free for UC students and $5 general admission.

African In Motion, or A.I.M, is an organization at Utica College that gives everyone on campus the chance to express themselves through dance.

The group has been around for years and has continuously brought excitement and entertainment to the community. Annually, A.I.M holds “The A.I.M Extravaganza,” their most highly anticipated event. Each year the themes change, but the quality of the performances doesn’t. “A.I.M shows out. I wait all year to see A.I.M step on the stage. The Extravaganza is just that, an extravaganza that’s simply amazing,” said Jayson Bretton, a sophomore.

Last year’s theme had the audience on their toes and off their seats as they watched A.I.M duck and dodge the police as they fought for their right to express a love for dance. This year, A.I.M has announced that the theme will be in the style of a horror movie.

Anticipation has been building for weeks as members of campus are wondering how A.I.M’s performance will be this year.

“I just want to know – how will they pull this one off, what songs are they going to use, how will they make everything gel?” asked Darren Lapante, a junior.

For those who have never been to the Extravaganza and are looking to be a part of this year’s show, some advice is in order. The Extravaganza fills the Strebel Auditorium in less than five minutes, which is nearly 200 seats.

“People don’t understand what the Extravaganza does to this campus,” said Toby Neto, a junior. “Most people have never gone into the aud in Strebel and seen it fully packed. By fully packed, I mean people seating on the pathway in between sections, others standing in back, even people peeping through the door.”

So please, do yourself a favor and get there early.

“We hope that you guys come ready for a great show. We would all like to thank you so much in advance for supporting us year after year. We owe you guys the world and that is why we put our sweat, blood, and tears into all of our dances. Thank you so much!” A.I.M members said.



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