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For as long as we can remember, the staff of The Tangerine has put together an April Fools’ Day edition of The Tangerine. Usually filled with satirical articles and jokes, it has become a tradition on campus.

Last year, the staff messed up. The Gangerine, as it is known, was filled with dirty and inappropriate humor, much of it not very funny at all. As a result, once it was published, copies were immediately ordered by President Hutton to be confiscated.

Most students, including many on the staff, did not even get a chance to see the issue. And it’s probably a good thing. Though no members of the current staff were responsible, some current members were a part of the staff last year, and it was an embarrassing moment for The Tangerine.

With that said, for a majority of the school year, The Tangerine’s Editorial Board had no plans of publishing a Gangerine this year. We figured it would be best to move on, and not take chances.

But as the year went on, and the staff talked more about it, we decided we wouldn’t let one bad year ruin a tradition. We carefully delegated responsibilities. We promised to be better.

We set guidelines and created rules, something that had not been done in the past.

And it will be the last one. Ever. The Tangerine’s leadership has made the decision to discontinue this tradition. But we wanted to go out with a bang, to finish on a high note.

We couldn’t end it with last year’s issue.

Despite our eagerness to continue this tradition, we didn’t want to skip a week of news. We feel that as a staff, we have improved the quality of this newspaper substantially this year. We wouldn’t be doing our job of reporting important campus news if we were to skip a week.

So, we compromised.

The first seven pages of this issue are a normal issue. The news is all fact-checked and verified, and it is like a normal Tangerine. The news about Bryson Tiller coming to Utica is not a joke. We repeat. Tiller IS coming to the Utica Aud.

We had some fun on the last five pages. No, the dome did not pop. No, LeBron James is not becoming a Pioneer. No, you cannot major in shopping (although, I’m sure many on campus would like to).

A lot of work went into this issue, both The Tangerine and The Gangerine. We hope you read the first seven pages and learn something. And we hope you read the last five pages and laugh (or at least fake it, for us).


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