Student employment program now handled through HR office, new portal system introduced


New, easier, and more accessible online employment system brought in by Utica University.

Andres Jaime-Mendez, Contributing Writer

Utica University students looking for work on campus can now take advantage of a new NextGen system that allows for the centralization of the student employment process.

The complete system is organized and eases the process for students to sign up for work. Paperwork can now be completed online, reducing the number of forms students have to complete. Students can also log in from anywhere as long as they have access to their Utica information.

With the new system, supervisors have more control over the job posting process thanks to NextGen because all paperwork, time sheets, postings, and applications are in the same place. 

The department managing the new employment system has also changed. 

Student Employment is now managed out of the Office of Human Resources. The HR Office will still work very closely with the Center for Career Readiness staff to ensure that student employment experience is a key piece of a student’s portfolio. 

“The Center for Career Readiness staff did a wonderful job managing the process prior to its return to HR,” Human Resources Vice President Lisa Green said. “Our teams worked hand in hand to implement the new system.”

Students should know how to log in and access their timesheets, HR officials said. 

Hours submitted for federal work-study jobs during class time will not be accepted unless there is proof the class did not occur on that particular occasion. This comes after concerns over the inability to track this issue were raised during the era of the previous system.

“We want students to work in a portal that very much mimics the types of employment portals they will encounter when they apply for jobs outside of Utica University,” the Office of Human Resources said. “We think this is an important and useful experience.”

Those who work jobs on campus and also attend the University feel more comfortable with the new employment system. Sophomore Gavin Baxter described what it was like trying to get hired and how the application process went with the old system.

“I had to bring my government documents, and if I didn’t have those I couldn’t get hired,” Baxter said. “I couldn’t upload online so I think the new system will make the process a lot easier and you can get hired faster as well.”

Students and supervisors who have questions should contact Student Employment Coordinator Allison Green or Director of Recruitment and Retention Lesley Wallace. They are located at 124 White Hall or can be reached by calling (315) 792-3276.