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Students and Spring Break

Juwan Wilson, Staff Writer 

Hopefully everyone had a great time during spring break and was able to be at their desirable destination. Spring break is a college students dream week, filled with seven days of no classes. Students crave spring break.

Josh Landy, a senior at Utica College, said that this break was the most important one he has ever been apart of, because it was the last time he would truly be able to go wild with no real responsibility before going into the real world.

This year, Landy and his friends took a trip to Panama Beach City, Florida. Formally Know as PCB, this beautiful beach is among the top five places in the country to visit on spring break. PCB is jam-packed with concerts and is televised across the country on MTV2.

Landy and his friends stayed in a hotel that fit eight people. They each had full-sized beds and a view of the beach. Landy said the events the hotel had planned were out of this world, and that it was like living like a king for a whole entire week.
“We were able to have all the free food and drinks brought to our room, it felt great. I wish this was my life everyday,” Landy said.

He and his friend paid a total of $500 for their trip. They were given a deal by their friend and took it since they had no other option for spring break.

On the other hand, Darren Lapantle was forced to stay in Utica for spring break due to work. He said although he didn’t have the hot sun and beautiful view, there were some perks to staying home. He got to relax , get a lot of work done and most importantly got the chance to get some peace and quiet in a house he says is always busy.

Spring break is what everyone makes of it. Sometimes it’s leaving the state and getting into some hot weather, and sometimes it’s just about having time to yourself and getting away from the people you see every day.

Either way, spring break has one thing that will sit very comfortably with all students- everyone is happy to be out of school, if only for a little while. It’s a time for relaxation, not worrying about how much work students need to get done or how many hours of study they need to put in for a test.

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