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Warm Weather Approaching

Amanda Fanelli, Assistant Features Editor 


The warm weather is quickly approaching and Utica College students cannot wait for spring. After being cooped up with our textbooks all winter long, the spring weather gives us a chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Rachael Scaramuzzino, a junior health studies management major, can’t wait for the warm weather to come.

“My plans are to be outside as much as possible playing spring field hockey and doing fun outdoor activities,” Scaramuzzino said.

She also explained that she is most looking forward to being able to walk outside without wearing a winter coat and having the sun shine down on her.

“Warm weather coming definitely makes me want to go on more runs and get in shape for beach season,” Scaramuzzino said.

As students, we all know too well that the warm weather means school is coming to and end.

“Balancing school with the nice weather gets tough at times, but I know what I need to get done for school before I do extra curricular activities,” Scaramuzzino said. “Even though sometimes I put my work off for just a little longer so I can get outside.”

Her favorite spring and summer activities include hiking, lying in the sun, kayaking and spending time with family.

Kathleen Arcuri, junior communication arts major, plans on finishing up the semester and enjoying her summer. Arcuri is most looking forward to having no snow on the ground.

“There is always so much more to do when it’s nice out,” she said.

Arcuri enjoys outdoor activities with her sister when the weather is nice.

“We golf together and prepare for the Boilermaker together,” Arcuri said.

She also said that her and her sister are very competitive, so being in shape is always necessary.

“I’m not as in shape as she is, but that’s okay because I’m the better looking of the two,” Arcuri joked.

She also said that school always comes first. Before enjoying the nice weather, she makes sure that all of her work is done. She likes to take advantage of spring break as a time to get ahead in all of her classes.

Like most students, sophomore psychology major Julia Shove is also looking forward to the warm weather approaching.

“I plan to work, dance, and dedicate more time to focusing on myself. Winter is so long, cold, and boring, and I just want to get outside, tan, and feel better about myself,” Shove said.

This spring, Shove is looking forward to being outdoors and getting back in shape.

“The warm weather definitely makes me want to get more in shape. I’ve been so busy between school, work, and other obligations that I haven’t had the time to attend my workout classes or go to the gym as much as I would like,” she said. “As a dancer, staying in shape is key, so I’m definitely looking forward to doing some things outside like biking and running.”

Shove is most looking forward to adventures with her boyfriend over the summer. She said she is excited to go to the beach and explore new places.

“I cannot wait to go for a hike, visit some parks I have never been to, and maybe even hop on a plane down south,” Shove said. “Spring has always been my favorite season, and I love just being outdoors in the fresh air. I’m very dedicated to photography, so I often find days to explore the area and take pictures, whether of people or just nature. I always try to get more photo shoots in during the spring.”

However, like many UC students, Shove is truly looking forward to the summer above all.

“It can get very difficult to focus on schoolwork when it’s sunny and 70 degrees outside, but I just try to prioritize what needs to get done so that I can enjoy the nice weather later. It also does not help that my birthday is at the end of April, so I often find myself zoning out after that point,” Shove said. “Having over three months of summer break this year is something I’m really looking forward to, so I just try to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”


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