Dean Robert Woods Student Life Award Profile

Alyssa Camardo, Staff Writer

Each year, Utica College presents the Dean Robert Woods Student Life Award to a deserving student.

“In terms of qualifications, we consider nominating students who have made significant contributions in leadership to the College,” Dean of Diversity and Student Development Alane Varga said. “All nominees must have a GPA of 2.5 or more,” she said.

“Students can either be nominated by a faculty or staff member or a peer,” Joe Gutowski, Director of Student Activities and Strebel Student Center, said.

Robert Perkins, Dean of Students and Campus Life, Joseph Gutowski, and Alane Varga decide who will win the award this year. The deadline for nominations is Monday, March 7 and the awards are presented at the Student Recognition Brunch on April 10.

Varga expressed that they are looking for students who have made significant leadership contributions in areas such as student government, athletics, fine and performing arts, community service, student organizations, student publications, and more.

“Even though I have only been at UC for a little over one year, I have nearly 40 years of experience spanning seven colleges and universities and six states, and I am impressed that Utica College provides such an award,” Perkins said. “This award encompasses a student’s entire college experience, both inside and outside the classroom, considering things like academic performance, campus involvement, leadership development, commitment to diversity, and community service.”

Any last minute nominations for the Dean Robert Woods Student Life Award can be placed until Monday, March 7.