Students network at annual job fair


Photo by Kevin Montano.

Matt Rogers, Co-Editor-in-chief

51 different organizations were present at Utica College’s Job & Internship Fair held Wednesday afternoon at the Library Concourse. Students from various majors attended and were provided a chance to meet and network with individuals in their chosen field.

Senior Spencer Lasker, an information insurance major, noted that it was a great opportunity for students to get a step ahead in the job search.

“I think it’s great for everyone involved here,” he said. “There’s a lot of people here that do different things. It’s one of those things where everyone can come under one roof.”

Director of Career Services Halina Lotyczewski was tasked with organizing the event. She said it took nearly the entire year to organize and that it was filled to capacity with employers.

Even though it was hard work, Lotyczewski thought the event was worth the trouble, and an invaluable resource for students.

“It’s important for students to get a sense of what they can do with their majors, and how they can use their unique backgrounds,” she said. “We want to make sure students have a chance to network with the employers that are in hiring decisions.”

She said that the fair is held in March every year. Students are starting to think about life after UC, and it is this time of year that seniors should start that process if they haven’t already, Lotyczewski said.

Senior Danielle Force, a cybersecurity major, made the most of her time at the fair.

“I think it’s the best opportunity that they have,” she said. “A lot of people are offering internships and even jobs coming right out of the door.”

The fair was beneficial for not only seniors, but for employers as well. Tomas Roldan, a representative of Icon Research, said his group comes every year. He noted that UC has a great reputation and it’s always great to make relationships with students preparing to enter the workforce.

“We’re looking for local talent,” Roldan said. “I know we have some people in our company who have come from Utica College. So that was incentive. And it’s known to be a good college. Anyone that has good grades and is involved in science, we’d most certainly like to talk to them and have them at our company.”

With just two months of school left, some seniors are ready to leave, some want to stay forever and others don’t know how to feel. Either way, meeting potential employers and networking is important in finding the right job.

“I’m excited to get out of here,” Force said. “I guess it’s just finding the right choice that is the nervous part.”

Featured Image: Photo by Kevin Montano