Rotary Club of Utica offering students paid internships

Photo owner: Bob Stronach via Photo of a Utica Rotary meeting.

Brady Barnard, Contributing Writer

Paid internships are being offered to Utica University students by the Rotary Club of Utica. Applications are being accepted now for the spring and fall academic semesters of 2023.

Through paid internships with local organizations such as the Rotary Club, students will be able to exercise their knowledge in a professional setting while gaining experience.

The goal of the Rotary Club is to provide individuals with the opportunity to make a positive impact on others lives by serving the community and promoting high ethical standards.

According to the President of The Rotary Club Tina Pavlot, the Rotary Club of Utica pledged to serve in the best traditions of Rotary—providing its members with opportunities for fellowship, network and participation in community service projects.

“Through our committees we offer Youth Exchange and Internship programs, Community Recognition Award programs, and volunteer opportunities through our Social Justice and Urban Concerns efforts.” Pavlot said.

 The Rotary Club is a civic organization built on the principles of connection and service to the community.

“We believe the ideas of Rotary founded on friendship and service above self are as important today as ever before, and they require the involvement of individuals committed to the betterment of each other and the community,” Pavlot said. “

The Internship is an opportunity for students not only because it will provide experience and knowledge, but businesses in the area will be able to evaluate the work done during the internship, which can lead to possible job opportunities in the future. The internship also comes with the additional benefit of being paid for your work.

The internship application can be found on the Utica Rotary’s website, Students that are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, applications must be submitted electronically by November 1, 2022.