Student Involvement Fair: What to know


The Involvement Fair begins at 1 p.m. on Strebel lawn. Photo from Utica University’s website.

Charles Buckley, Clerk

The annual Student Involvement Fair is returning on Sept. 15 and will be running from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The Student Involvement Fair serves as a way for students to connect with the organizations on campus and get involved. Organizations range anywhere from Cybersecurity Club to the Utica University Pioneer Players.

“The involvement fair is an opportunity for student clubs and organizations, as well as campus offices, to learn more about how to get involved and what Utica can offer,” said Devlin Daley, the Assistant Director of Campus Engagement. “It is a chance for students to meet leaders of organizations and make connections.”

According to Daley, the involvement fair is a door-opening experience that can help students find others with similar interests and join clubs with experiences they will enjoy.

“We will also have an inflatable, music by WPNR and a couple of make-and-takes for students to get,” Daley said.

Some clubs have already begun to express their interest and excitement in the idea of having new students sign up for their organizations.

“I’m really excited for the possibility of new members,” said senior political science and history major, Dylan Thompson. “However, I’m not so excited about it being a Thursday instead of a Wednesday.”

Thompson, who is the current president of Active Minds and the Utica University Student Veterans of America (SVA), hopes that students who join SVA will help with rebuilding the veteran community and spreading awareness about the experiences veterans face.

Thompson says that for Active Minds, they want students to come out with a strong ability to advocate for mental health in the college community.

Other clubs aim to give students an experience to de-stress from schoolwork.

“Outdoors Club can help with mental de-stressing from schoolwork and allows you to step away from classes and the college life to focus on something else and keep them calm,” said Reece Bernard, a junior animal behavior major, who is also the president of Outdoors Club for Utica University.

According to Bernard, Outdoors Club offers many different activities that will get students outside. Events they host include: mountain biking, local picnics and hikes, as well simple events such as going outside to throw a frisbee.

“The involvement fair allows people to be exposed to numerous things on campus which helps students find groups like ours that will raise their interest,” Bernard said.