Bookstore offering new “UU” merchandise

Some of the new merchandise at the bookstore.

Thomas Caputo

Some of the new merchandise at the bookstore.

Charles Buckley, Clerk

Since the announcement of Utica College transitioning to Utica University, many students wondered when the merchandise would be rebranded and available in the campus bookstore.

However, to a lot of students’ delight, the campus bookstore recently unveiled new merchandise. The merchandise included t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and a hoodie with the new font for Utica Pioneers, as well as brand new Utica University logo on the hoodies.

The new merchandise is being sold for set prices: t-shirts are available for $22, long-sleeved t-shirts for $28 and hoodies for $46.

Bookstore employees said while the new merchandise is starting to become available, products have been delayed due to material shortages, so it’s unlikely that more Utica University merchandise won’t be available in the store until the fall semester. 

Students hope that once more merchandise with the new branding becomes available in store, sales would begin on old branded merchandise with the UC or Utica College logo.

“It’s nice to have updated stuff and it doesn’t make sense to buy Utica College merch if it’s not Utica College anymore,” said Sam Shaikh, a senior at Utica University. “I hope they start supplying shot glasses with the branding as well.”

Some students hope that the bookstore will still carry Utica College merchandise, for nostalgia purposes.

“I just got one of the new hoodies a couple of days ago and it’s nice to see the update,” said Connor Canell, a sophomore at Utica University. “While seeing the new merchandise taking over the store will be nice, I do hope they keep some of the old branding in the store.”

For more information regarding the new merchandise, prices, and other general questions, contact the bookstore at (315) 792-3197 or email them at [email protected].