Students look forward to spring break

Ben Mehic, Staff Writer 

It may seem like the spring semester just started, but in reality, spring break is right around the corner. While it’s imperative to keep up with schoolwork during the break in order to secure satisfactory grades in May, Utica College students are looking forward to relaxing and having the time away from campus.

Dmitriy Ivlichev, a junior at Utica College, has already planned out what he’ll be doing during the weeklong break.

“This spring break, I have two plans. The first one is boring, I’ll be staying in Utica and looking for things to do such as playing basketball and other things I like to do,” Ivlichev explained. “The second option is, I might be going to Florida with my friend Admir.”

Like most students, Ivlichev’s plans will be determined by how much money he really wants to spend on spring break. If he had an unlimited amount of money, he would likely spend it in California with his friends, Ivlichev added.

Junior Selma Jasencic is going to be staying home for spring break due to financial restrictions. However, she is looking forward to having the time to herself and knows how important that is to other students.

“I think it’s a really good break for students. I know a lot of students who come here from different places, different cities, and it’s a good time for them to go home and kind of get that break that’s much needed before we do our finals,” Jasencic said. “I think it’s a really good time to rest.”

Jasencic is aware that professors will inevitably assign work during the break as well.

“It’s really hard to focus on schoolwork during the break,” Jasencic said. “If a professor assigns homework during break, I guarantee not many people will do well on it. It’s spring break, after all.”

Unlike Ivlichev, who would prefer to stay in the country during his ideal spring break situation, Jasencic would want a more exotic experience.

“Ideally, I would probably go to Bora Bora on a cruise – maybe. Of course, I would stay in the executive suite or something,” Jasencic said.

For many students at UC, this upcoming spring break will be their first one since leaving high school. For others, like senior Sarkis Zeina, the upcoming break is just one of many he’s gone through.

“I’m going to be working this spring break in my parents’ restaurant,” Zeina said. “I keep up with the school work no differently than I would during the regular school year. I’m not leaving, so I just have more time to do schoolwork.”

Senior Corey Zlatniski is going to be leaving the state during break.

“I’m going to Las Vegas,” he said. “My brother and his fiancé are bringing us for a graduation present. We’re doing it early because it’s the best time of year to go.”

Seemingly, not many college students will be having an MTV-like spring break this semester. As college kids are strapped for cash, many will look forward to the actual time off rather than the potential experiences that could go with it.

The semester is coming to an end shortly, and instead of spending that time with their shirts off on a television screen as their mothers gasp for air on the opposite end, many students at UC are focused on the task at hand- obtaining success for the future.