Students brace for midterms

Amanda Fanelli, Assistant Features Editor 

Midterms are fast approaching and college students once again must gear up to prepare for them. Some students may have their own remedies and ways of studying but some helpful tips to take into consideration when preparing for midterms are to get plenty of sleep before the exam (seven to nine hours), eat healthy, and plan out your study time in advance.

Studying in groups can help, but be sure the group is as committed as you are to doing well on the exam. Make sure to complete other assignments early so you can devote enough time to studying. Lastly, if you have any questions be sure to take advantage of your professors and their office hours, they are here to help.

Alexis Bianchi, sophomore health studies major said, she tries to study for her midterms in advance so she is not cramming for her exams all at once.

“I go to the gym if I’m stressed or I like to study in a café because it’s a more relaxing atmosphere,” Bianchi said. “I’m in a lot of non-science/health related classes this semester that aren’t my favorite so I find it hard to focus.”

She also said that she prefers taking a test rather than writing a paper or doing a project for midterm grade.

“I prefer physical exams because I know I have to study rather than put together a project or write a paper,” Bianchi said.

Her advice to students when studying for midterms is not to wait until the last minute because it will all pile up and that’s when the stress comes on.

John Toribio, senior communication arts major, says that when it comes to midterms he uses a study guide to help him prepare. He also explained that he prefers writing a paper as a midterm to taking an actual test.

“I prefer papers a million times, I can explain myself better that way,” Toribio said.

As for de-stressing, Toribio said he usually takes a break on the weekend and goes out with friends. This helps to take his mind off things. As a senior, the biggest obstacle he’s facing this semester is seeing the end of the finish line, but not actually being there yet. Toribio’s advice for students when it comes to midterms is not to stress too hard, because it doesn’t help anything.

Ashley Murray, senior criminal justice major minoring in psychology, says the way she prepares for midterms is by going to every class, taking good notes, studying and using the professor’s office hours for help if she needs it.

“I try not to over stress about midterms, but I try to exercise as much as I can and continue to do things that I enjoy to keep my mind off of school and studying once in a while,” Murray said.

Murray also says she prefers doing a paper or project for a midterm grade.

“I would have to say I prefer projects/papers over physical tests as midterms because it gives you more of an opportunity to enhance your grade,” Murray said. “There are more steps to take when doing a project/paper that can possibly earn you a better grade. Taking a physical test is just a one time shot off of your muscle memory, which I definitely tend to struggle with, especially when there are multiple exams that you have to study for.”

Like Toribio, Murray’s biggest obstacle this semester is finding the motivation to actually do all of her work.

“Senioritis has definitely kicked in, but I do always find a way to get it all done,” Murray said.

Her advice for students on midterms is to just relax and to not completely stress out over one grade, because there’s plenty more to come.