EIC Eats No.4: Wendy’s ‘Feed The Fam Deal’

EIC Eats No.4 consisted of two Spicy Chicken Sandwiches, two Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers and four small fries.

Matthew Breault

EIC Eats No.4 consisted of two Spicy Chicken Sandwiches, two Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers and four small fries.

Matthew Breault, Editor-in-Chief

For the fourth edition of EIC Eats, I decided to go to a fast food establishment that I have yet to visit during my biweekly food adventures. This time, I found myself at Wendy’s, ready to consume a ton of food and enjoy doing it. 

Wendy’s offers “Feed The Fam Deals” on its app and there is a $15 combo that consists of two Spicy Chicken Sandwiches, two Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers and four small french fries. As I was quite indecisive on what I wanted to consume, I ultimately decided to take on the “Feed The Fam” challenge all by myself. Here is my review:

Spicy Chicken Sandwiches

The best part of this challenge was getting to consume the two of Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwiches. I personally believe a Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich is one of the more underrated sandwiches in the fast food world. The crispy chicken on the toasted buns, combined with lettuce and mayo (no tomato for me) is something I could enjoy eating everyday. 

Part of me regrets not adding pickles to my sandwiches because nothing is better than adding pickles to a sandwich, especially a Wendy’s sandwich. Bite after bite was enjoyable and I would admit that this was the easiest part of the entire challenge. 


Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers

In addition to the Spicy Chicken Sandwiches, Wendy’s also includes two Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers to the family deal. The square hamburger patty, topped with American cheese, bacon, lettuce and mayo (no tomato once again) was both very enjoyable, and actually quite difficult to finish.

When you eat a lot of fast food like me, you begin to notice things that upset your stomach. For me, sweets and sugary products throw my stomach off completely and make me feel full. Another thing that has always thrown my stomach for a loop is Wendy’s bacon.

No matter how many times I eat Wendy’s bacon, it never settles well. Although I enjoyed the two sandwiches, the tiny pieces of bacon made this more difficult to complete. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the most difficult part.

Small Natural-Cut Fries

The most difficult part of the entire food challenge was consuming four small fries. Anytime you add a significant amount of carbs to a food challenge, the difficulty increases dramatically. As much as I love french fries of any kind, they’re always a pain in the butt.

I got to the point where I started either shoveling them into my mouth, or breaking them up and putting them on the sandwiches. Although it is the same amount of food, putting the fries on the sandwich actually tricks my brain into thinking there is less food I have to consume.

Wendy’s fries are some of the best fast food fries out there, but eating a lot of them while also eating multiple sandwiches makes them less enjoyable. 

Overall Nutrition Intake


Just like the previous four challenges, this one was unhealthy. Here are the statistics from EIC Eats No. 4:


Calories: 2,780

Total Fat (g): 132

Saturated Fat (g): 31

Trans Fat (g): 2

Cholesterol (mg): 220

Sodium (mg): 5,160

Total Carbohydrate (g): 292

Dietary Fiber (g): 20

Total Sugars (g): 20

Protein (g): 108

Calcium (%DV): 32

Iron (%DV): 84

Potassium: 3,940


EIC Eats will be a biweekly part of The Tangerine, where Editor-in-Chief Matthew Breault will do some sort of food challenge either alone or with fellow staff members. Thank you all for allowing me to share my food habits with you and you will hear/read from me soon. If you have any recommendations, please feel free to let me know.

EIC Eats logo. (Matthew Breault)