Student Profile: Anthony Beaubrun

Imani Vincent, staff writer 

Utica College freshman Anthony Beaubrun strives on and off the field in his promising future.

Beaubrun comes from a very large family. With a household size of eight that consist of his parents, little brothers, and cousins he has a growing relationship with his younger siblings. His second little brother came when he was just 10 years old. Still new on being a big brother, he was unsure how far his relationship with them could grow.

With his two little brothers being separated by five years each, he is the first person in his family to attend college. He has full support from his family with anything he does. At times he feels the pressure that he must finish college to not let anyone down. He talked about expectations and how his family expects him to excel in his major because that’s what he did in high school. Receiving good grades was never a problem for Beaubrun. He came to a fast reality last semester that college is a lot different than high school.

Beaubrun shares many passions in his life one of them being math. He’s loved math since elementary school.

“Math and numbers was just second nature to me, it was always easy to me when it came to numbers,” Beaubrun said.

Majoring in accounting, Beaubrun deals with numbers on a regular daily basis.

Another one of Beaubrun’s passions is football. Playing since he was six-years-old that is all he knows. His dad was an athlete as a kid and also played football, so when he saw fit, he put young Anthony into football. Beaubrun was a stellar athlete on the field in high school playing both offense and defense. Recruited by many other schools he decided to become a Pioneer. One thing that helped him transition from high school football to college football was definitely his coach instilling the fundamentals and technique into him at an early age. His coach saw a young, raw and talented kid and molded him into what he is today.

“I wish I studied more, both football and for my classes, I would’ve played more and also I would’ve got better grades than I got last semester,” Beaubrun said.

His expectations for this upcoming semester is a 3.0 GPA. He’s been studying more and he said he just overall feels more focus oriented. On the field he wants to become a varsity starter and help the Pioneers to their first Empire 8 championship.

“I’ve worked harder this semester than I’ve ever had before in my life,” Beaubrun said.

One of Beaubrun’s most memorable times here at UC has been football camp. He explains that he has made some of his closest friends because of it. Also he said that he has never experienced anything like football camp at this level before.

“The amount of equal competition that I faced day in and day out was bittersweet,” Beaubrun said.

Beaubrun wants to leave with an Empire 8 championship and have fun doing it with all of his friends. Most importantly, he wants to graduate with an accounting degree and someday open his own business.