Ampersand submissions due Feb. 15

The Utica College Ampersand cover from the 2020 issue. The Ampersand advisor is Dr. Kelly Minerva.

Utica College English Department

The Utica College Ampersand cover from the 2020 issue. The Ampersand advisor is Dr. Kelly Minerva.

Morgan Hinman, General Assignments Reporter

Every spring semester, Utica College’s English Department and students publish the Ampersand literary magazine. This annual magazine is an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to submit their work and unleash their creativity in a variety of ways.

The English Department’s goal is to help students develop an understanding of the relationship the English language has with diverse cultural traditions that take place around the world.

Ampersand showcases the hidden talent of students and faculty that otherwise would have not been shared with others. Readers can appreciate the submitted literary pieces all in one magazine.

“Whether it is artwork, photography, short stories, poems or nonfiction pieces, I think it allows the community to express their creativity in that way,” Editor Gabriella Hudziak said.

Previous issues from past years can be found around campus for curious students to browse if interested. For the next issue, the editorial staff is taking submissions until Feb. 15. All submissions should be directed to [email protected]. Students can submit up to 10 individual pieces of work, and have the option to choose whether to keep it anonymous or not. Emails will be sent reminding students of the deadline to submit and what work they accept in the magazine, ensuring no one will miss out on the opportunity.

Utica College Literature Society President and Ampersand Editor Anabella Rossi said there is an abundance of art created by students that has yet to be shared, whether it is to relieve stress, or for creative freedom.

“No matter the reason you create, Ampersand wants to help you share your creations with the world,” Rossi said. “In a society where art is shoved to the side in favor of innovation and success, we see it crucial to help people express their creative side in order to keep art alive.”

The club helps editors like Hudziak and Rossi develop skills and learn the editing process.

Advisor Kelly Minerva said the magazine is significant as it showcases the many voices that exist within the Utica community.

“Creative writing and artwork help us as writers and readers to understand the world through depicting the experiences and perspectives of others,” Minerva said.

As the advisor, Minerva oversees and assists student editors in developing and eventually publishing the magazine. Eligible pieces that are submitted have the chance to earn the Joseph E. Vogel Award that is judged externally.

“Everyone is unique, and their creativity is even more so,” Rossi said. “This publication features the creative side of students that often gets lost in day-to-day life.”

Students who are interested in becoming an editor can join by emailing advisor Kelly Minerva at [email protected].

Once the work is done at the end of the spring semester, Ampersand then holds a launch party to celebrate the magazine’s publishing. This is a place where issue contributors can read and enjoy their work that was published in the magazine this year.

Ampersand encourages everyone to explore the hidden side of themselves by submitting their creations to [email protected].