Profile: Utica College Literature Society Club

Literature Society President Anabella Rossi speaks at a recent poetry night co-hosted by Nomadic Voices.

Hollie David

Literature Society President Anabella Rossi speaks at a recent poetry night co-hosted by Nomadic Voices.

Hollie David, Features Editor

Literature Society is a Utica College club that encourages reading and writing among members. The goal of the club is to provide a safe and fun environment for people to explore and share different kinds of literature.

The club meets every other Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. in 114 Hubbard Hall. They are open to everyone, not just English or writing majors, and as long as a student likes to read, they are more than welcome to participate.

Anabella Rossi, the UC Literature Society president and senior, said she wants to help build the club and its members. All are welcome and the Literature Society is planning several events for the future. 

“My goal is to spread awareness of the club,” Rossi said. “When I started, not many people were involved and I want to change that.”

During meetings, the club usually plays different games or participates in activities that are literature focused. They also discuss books and talk about the different works that members are currently reading.

“At past meetings, we played a game where students had to take a book and give a really bad description of it then we had to guess what book they were talking about,” Rossi said. “People really seemed to enjoy it.”

Sara Zukic, a junior and Literature Society treasurer, said she enjoys how inclusive the club is to people of all majors. 

“If you like to read, you can be there,” Zukic said. “We want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time. A goal of the club is to be very supportive of others.”

The group has also organized several different events so far this semester with the most recent being a collaboration with Nomadic Voices. The two organizations hosted a poetry night in Pioneer Café. 

Students were encouraged to share poems and stories with people at the café and the microphone was open to all. 

“We want to expand from last year,” Rossi said. “This means a bunch of different things including more events and also, we want more collabs with other different clubs especially because poetry night went so well.”

Earlier in the semester, Literature Society also hosted “Anti-Racism At Home,” which is normally hosted by the English department. At this event, Utica College community members could gather and share poetry to help raise awareness of current issues in society and to promote collaboration amongst the community. 

The club has many more events in the works for this semester and next as well. They would like to start hosting writing workshops where students can write and share works with the group. Other possible events include another poetry night, a book drive and a bake sale to benefit a local organization.

“There is a fundraiser in the works right now for a bake sale,” Zukic said. “We want to make cupcakes and donate to local organizations, so I have been looking around at local places. Keep your eyes out for it.” For more information on what the club is working on or to join the Literature Society, visit @uc_lit_society on Instagram or the PioHub webpage.