Update: Milford Academy still not in contact with Utica College after larceny


Utica College Men's Basketball

A photo collage of the locker room sent to The Tangerine from the Utica College Men’s Basketball team.

Matthew Breault, Editor-in-Chief

According to various sources, Milford Academy has not been in touch with Utica College at all since the Oct. 24 larceny occurred, which caused the Utica College JV football team’s game versus Milford Academy to be canceled.

Players from the opposing Milford Academy were caught stealing and attempting to steal items from the men’s basketball locker room before the game.

According to the Oneida County 911 blotter, there was a report of multiple larcenies occurring on Burrstone Road around 12:39 p.m., just before kickoff was supposed to take place at 1 p.m.

It was confirmed by Utica College Vice President for Emergency Management Shad Crowe, and other sources, that the report of multiple larcenies occurring on Burrstone Road was at Utica College due to Milford Academy players entering and taking items from the men’s basketball team’s locker room.

According to Crowe, the Milford Academy players were able to make their way into the men’s basketball locker room because the door was held open by a garbage can. If the door wasn’t already ajar, an alarm would have been set off.

When the players were in the locker room, they attempted to steal, and stole, various belongings from the men’s basketball lockers and bags. They were caught, which led to the Utica Police Department becoming involved and the JV football team playing an intrasquad scrimmage, instead of hosting the opponents from New Berlin.

Utica College Athletic Director Dave Fontaine, football coach Blaise Faggiano and basketball coach Sean Coffey were all made aware of the situation as it unfolded.

There have been no reports of any damage being caused to the locker room area, but multiple men’s basketball players filed reports claiming items such as: AirPods, headphones, jewelry, clothing and other belongings have been stolen out of their bags or lockers. 

Some of the items stolen during the day of the incident were returned immediately, while other items have been found scattered throughout various locations in the building, according to a source from the Utica College Athletic Department.

This brings concern to both the athletes and administration, as the players on the team were told the day of the incident that Milford Academy would be reimbursing them for the items that were stolen.

Although the number of Milford athletes who committed larceny is still currently unknown, Utica College is cooperating with the Utica Police Department and an investigation into the matter is active and in progress, according to Crowe.