Students anticipate fall TV shows

Morgan Manfredo

Staff Writer

The beginning of fall means that many major television shows are returning to TV sets all over the United States. Many Utica College students are eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite TV shows, as well as the series premieres of many others.

Whether it’s season 12 of “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Scream Queens”, “The Blacklist”, or “The Voice”, this fall has everybody tuned in and buzzing about these shows.

“I’m looking forward to this new show called “Scream Queens” because it is scary for the most part but has comedy throughout the episodes, which is nothing like anything else on TV right now,” sophomore Rebecca Vennero said. “It separates itself from other scary shows like “American Horror Story” or “Pretty Little Liars” because of all the comic relief in it.”

Vennero is also looking forward to getting back into NBC’s original show “The Blacklist”. This show is about a criminal on the FBI’s top 10 most wanted who, one day, decides to turn himself in. He then decides to help the FBI catch criminals who are about to commit a crime on the “blacklist”.

“The Blacklist ended with a cliff hanger. Giving the impression that the two main characters have a past connection, which can alter the storyline for the rest of the series; making it a lot more interesting and adding to the already captivating mystery,” Vennero said

The third season airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m.

America loves to tune into “The Voice”. Season after

season, viewers get involved and attached from the very beginning. Whether it be heartthrob Adam Levine that draws viewers or the amazing talent, viewers are obsessing over “The Voice”.

Freshman Alexandra Demarco is one of the millions of fans.

“Every season just keeps getting better and better,” Demarco said.

She is excited to see how the teams unfold and who will ultimately win “The Voice”. Although it is early in the season, Demarco expresses how much she loves Blake Shelton’s team already

“Last year someone from around our area won! It was so exciting to watch,” Demarco said.

Sawyer Fredericks from Fultonville, New York, was the winner of season 8. “You know where I’ll be every Monday and Tuesday nights,” Demarco said.

For fans of “Grey’s Anatomy”, last season left fans heartbroken after the death of one of its main characters

Bailey Barker, a freshman at UC, has been keeping up with “Grey’s Anatomy” season after season.

“I’m looking forward to seeing where Jackson and April’s relationship goes in this season,” Barker said

Last season, Jackson and April left off on a rather sad note. Jackson gave her an ultimatum and this season will include what she has decided to do.

“Derek’s death was so sad, but I wasn’t surprised because he was holding Meredith back! I am curious to see how she will be this season without her husband,” Barker said.

She thinks this season will be less sad than previous seasons and she is ready for all the drama.