Career Services Host UC Career Connect Launch Party

Rashida Patrick, Co-Editor-In-Chief

The Office of Career Services hosted its first launch party for UC Career Connect on Feb. 10. The event, which took place in Strebel Lounge, allowed students that attended to enter in a raffle, play games for prizes and make a UC Career Connect account.

Director of Career Services Halina Lotyczewski said the purpose of Wednesday’s event was to showcase UC Career Connect to the students.

“In addition to some of the emails they already received, this is our chance to say ‘here is what is is,’ and ‘here’s how it can help you,” Lotyczewski said.

UC Career Connect, powered by purple briefcase, is a platform students can use to find job and internship postings, update their resume and connect with the Office Of Career Services for counseling appointments.

UC Career Connect will be updated with the most recent job or internship information, according to Lotyczewski.

“Anytime an employer shares that information with us, we will post it within 24 hours,” Lotyczewski said.

Tables that were sent up at Wednesday’s event worked as a way to be interactive with those who attended. At one table, students were encouraged to sign up for the new system, UC Career Connect.

“Part of the features of the system include a swipe function,” Lotyczewski said. “So you can swipe using your card and it will find you in the system, provided you’re in there, and then it will recognize you so that you can sign-in with the system.”

Sophomore Nicholas Derrick, majoring in Psychology, attended Wednesday’s event to find out more information about the program offered through Career Services. He said he is very interested in what UC Career Connect has to offer.

“I like the fact that they’re having this new program that you can find out new internships and new job postings in a clear, precise way,” Derrick said.

Sophomore Timothy Smith attended the event not only because he works for the Office of Career Services, but also because he felt this was something important that students should know about.

“Students should get involved because there are internship and job opportunities provided by different companies,” Smith said. “Students can also connect alumni.”

Besides Wednesday’s event, the Office of Career Services will be sending out emails and sharing information to keep reminding students that UC Career Connect is available to them.

The event in Strebel Lounge was from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Lotyczewski said anyone who missed it can visit the Office of Career Services for more information.