Hillary Clinton tries to be hip

Meghan Fellows, Staff Writer

Throughout this upcoming election, we have all seen candidates go above and beyond to get themselves recognized by the general public. Candidates have put together rallies and have made appearances on popular television shows and radio spots.

One candidate, however, stands out when it comes to some more questionable publicity stunts. You’ve seen her try to have college students on Twitter describe how they feel about college debt “in three emojis or less.” She’s joined Snapchat and sent out a snap of her “just chillin’.” You’ve seen her do the “Whip and Nae Nae” on Ellen. She’s the only “she” in the election: Hillary Clinton.

Students have recognized that Clinton is trying to appeal to millennial voters. Her different tactics have stood out.

“I think her tactics are somewhat working, only because the only other option is Trump at the moment. Some things that she’s done are laughable,” junior Jenna Carlesimo said. “It seems like she’s making fun of millennials in a way, with her trying to relate to us. But she also talks a lot about free college, which gets our attention.”

According to a 2015 CNN article on this topic, this began when Clinton tried to win over the millennials who were all-in for Bernie Sanders.

The article states that “Bernie supporters are generally younger, often with unruly hair, thick plastic hipster glasses, and the occasional waft of patchouli.”

So really, Clinton’s moves to get the younger vote have been percolating since December of 2015. But with Sanders now out of the race, Clinton may end up being the voice of our younger generation.

The fact that Clinton is the first female nominee for the presidential election also works in her favor as well. She appeals to the younger generation who is fighting for equality for women and the generation who wants to close the wage gap. That’s a very strategic angle to shoot from.

Kelsey Carlo said that with Trump as the only other option, she is leaning towards Clinton more now.

“I think that she wants people to like her and I’m now leaning more towards voting for her,” Carlo said. “She seems like she is actually going to do what she says she’s going to do. She does, though, seem like she’s trying to appeal to young voters.”

The real question here is: is this a bad thing? It does seem like Clinton is trying a little too hard to be relatable to younger people, which makes sense in the grander scheme of things. The millennial generation is creating tension and are learning about politics, and getting more involved than ever before. Sure, it’s a little embarrassing for her when her tactics backfire, but attention is attention, whether it’s good or bad.

Clinton and Trump go head-to-head again on Sunday, Oct. 9. Watch, listen and form your own opinion. And also, just try to forget about how bad her dance moves were on Ellen.

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