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Alyssa Raga, Staff Writer

Most people listen to music everyday because for many, music is a key component to staying focused and bettering themselves. Music doesn’t help just athletes, it benefits everyone. Whether athletes are preparing for an important game or students are studying for a big test, music can help reduce stress and maintain concentration.

Music can play a pivotal role in sports and  is especially important to help athletes get ready for a game. Almost all pregame coverage includes at least one shot of athletes with their headphones on as they prepare for the their sporting event. Music can pump up the players as well as put them in their element to help them perform to the best of their ability. Different players listen to different types of music and artists depending on their preference. Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt says that he likes to listen to Adele and other artists before his football games.

Much like Watt, Utica College senior baseball player Jaylan Smith thinks that listening to music before a game is key.

“It helps you stay focused or get focused if you aren’t already,” Smith said.

Smith loves to listen to rap before a game, and he believes that rap music is something everyone can enjoy. His favorite artist to listen to is Drake.

“It’s relatable for everyone and pumps you up,” Smith said.

Smith is not the only student athlete on campus who loves to listen to rap before a sporting event.

Kaitlyn Stinson, a senior who runs track, enjoys listening to rap music as well.

“It makes me ready to run fast,” Stinson said.

Stinson loves listening to a variety of artists before a sporting event. Her pregame Spotify playlist showcases many rappers, including Drake and Eminem. She said that some of her favorite songs include “Nonstop” by Drake and “Stargazing” by Travis Scott.

Madison Judge, a sophomore and a UC softball player, listens to music before a game to motivate herself as well.

Unlike Smith and Stinson, Judge loves to listen to pop music before her games.

“It gets me upbeat and ready to go,”Judge said. “You can sing along to it.”

Judge has a large playlist of songs that she listens to before a game that she believes help her to play her best. Some of her favorite songs include “Better Now” by Post Malone, “Body” by Loud Luxury and “Eastside” by Benny Blanco featuring Khalid and Halsey.

While Judge likes to listen to an array of songs and artists, the two that always get her going the most before a game are Post Malone and Khalid. She also genuinely believes that listening to music before a game helps the players prepare and get focused.

“You can be in your own head for a little while and just get ready for the game,” Judge said.

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