Students offer takes on studying abroad


Nick McAdam, Staff Writer

Across many colleges in the United States, study abroad is offered to students who want to experience life internationally. Coming with the global experience is free room and board that the college pays for the student to go study elsewhere.

Utica College is not foreign to international students. In fact, Utica College embraces and promotes the diverse culture that the campus celebrates year after year.

Some UC students would also like to take the opportunity themselves to explore different countries around the world.

Freshman Jahata Richards would like to study in Spain for her major in criminal justice.

“I believe Spain would be a good place for me because there’s a lot of diversity,” Richards said. “There’s not only people from Spain there but people from all around the world. Plus, the languages that I’d bring back home would probably benefit me here.”

Richards also loves the opportunities that Utica College provides for students to travel elsewhere, even if it isn’t related to study abroad.

“I’ve personally used the shuttle buses that take you to the mall or other places within the city of Utica,” Richards explained. “I know a couple of friends that plan on using the break bus to find their way home during the fall break.”

Not only do students get to explore their majors in a different culture through study abroad, but they also get some travel experience as well.

Freshman Kerice Jones majors in psychology and child life on campus. Her major is not the biggest reason that she would like to see England.

“I’ve always wanted to go to England since I have been a child,” Jones said. “It’d be a really great opportunity for me to get some sight-seeing in.”

Jones feels as if UC is not providing enough opportunities for students to see more than the campus they live on.

“I feel like I’ve been stranded here since the first day of school,” Jones said. “I never see things in the Daysheet or anything like that. The shuttle bus doesn’t even take you that far, and the break bus is only going to take you home.”

Both Freshman Sayan Trotman and Chris Robillard feel the same way as Jones with the lack of travel opportunities.

Trotman is a double-major in anthropology and sociology along with a minor in Spanish. She would like to travel to Spain but also would not mind traveling to her home country Trinidad and Tobago.

“Spain would definitely help with my minor, but I feel like it can help with my major as well,” Trotman said. “I can perform anthropological studies in both Spain and my home country.”

Robillard, a construction management major, would prefer to see France instead.  

“France would probably benefit my major because of all the architecture that there is in France,” Robillard said.

Both Robillard and Trotman came to the conclusion that Utica needs to provide more for student travel opportunities.

“The Syracuse Lime Bus seems kind of useless to me,” Trotman said. “It takes you to Syracuse for a night and then you come right back. There’s not much for me to do in Syracuse.”

Other students feel travelling within the United States would be better for their desired major.

Freshman Salvichino Digristina majors in business economics and feels New York City would be good for an internship to study the stock market.

“I know a couple of people that take advantage of study abroad,” Digristina said. “But I feel as if something more business oriented would be better for me.”