Sanders champions single-payer health insurance


Sandy Moses, Staff Writer

Bernie Sanders has set out to achieve Medicare for All.  

“Today, all of us stand before you and proudly proclaim our belief that healthcare in America must be a right, not a privilege,” Sanders proudly proclaimed on Wednesday, Sept. 13.

He hopes to set up a single payer model for health insurance, it would also expand the Medicare program to cover more of the 28 million people who currently do not have health insurance, even under the Affordable Care Act.

When it comes to the belief of this health insurance model being adopted, many find it unrealistic.

“Bernie’s idea is an unrealistic one as of right now,” sophomore Ivy Couvertier said. “As great as it could be for everyone, there is no way that the White House will allow for this to happen as it is currently an anti-Obama regime as well as pro-Republican. There is a little to no chance that this will be passed through and put into effect. If there was different leadership involved, then there would be a better chance of it happening, but that is not the case.”

Couvertier also said she hopes this act will eventually happen to bring everyone free or more affordable health care.

“I do believe that this healthcare plan would do wonders for those who cannot afford it,” Couvertier said. “Everyone deserves health care in this country and Bernie Sanders understands that. I do hope that this act can make it into effect in years to come, but as for right now, I do not believe it will.”

Not only do the students have an outlook and perspective on the topic, but teachers do too.

In an article referred by Professor Luke Perry, a government and politics professor at Utica College, this statement is adamantly shown to be true. This article was written by Nicky Riordan, a political analyst, in the midst of Utica College Center of Public Affairs and Election Research.

“Sanders and his Democratic supporters are under no illusion that the bill will pass under the current Congress, but it seems to be playing a role in the priming of candidates for a 2020 run,” Riordan wrote. “In the political vacuum created by the failure to repeal the ACA, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are beginning to position themselves within clear camps: those who still wish for a clean repeal, those who see the need for a bipartisan compromise fix to the ACA, and those on the left who want to use this opportunity to finally push for the end goal they have always envisioned.”

It is no secret that the politics of today play a large part in everyday society. While many people take into consideration what is going on in the world we live in today, many pay no mind to it.

“There is a lot of importance within politics and I think it is something people should begin educating themselves on.” Couvertier said. “You never know what happen that could affect you in some manner.”